Wilms Tumor

Some Pediatric Patients With Wilms' Tumor Can Avoid Doxorubicin

Some Pediatric Patients With Wilms' Tumor Can Avoid Doxorubicin

Children with Wilm's tumor who are at low risk for relapse can be given less intensive treatment by omitting doxorubicin from the treatment regimen.

Chest radiation to treat childhood Wilms tumor increases breast cancer risk


A new study has found that patients who received chest radiation for Wilms tumor may be more susceptible to breast cancer later in life, due to their radiation exposure.

Mutations in a gene essential for cell regulation cause kidney cancer in children


Mutations in a gene that helps regulate when genes are switched on and off in cells have been found to cause rare cases of Wilms tumor, the most common kidney cancer occurring in children.

Colorectal risk defined for childhood cancer survivors

Childhood cancer survivors may need earlier colorectal cancer screening, especially if abdominal radiation was part of their treatment.

Childhood cancer survivors more likely to have future GI problems

People who underwent cancer therapy as children have a heightened risk of developing gastrointestinal (GI) complications later in life, a new study shows.




Doxorubicin is an anthracycline antibiotic that is used to treat lymphoblastic and acute myeloblastic leukemias, several types of cancer, Kaposi sarcoma related to AIDS, malignant lymphoma, soft tissue and osteogenic sarcomas, and Wilms tumor.

Wilms' tumour: Assessing and managing nephroblastoma

Reviews the clinical features and diagnosis of Wilm's tumor, as well as management and follow up

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