Ulcerative Colitis Treatments

Generic Brand Strength Form Dose
balsalazide disodium Colazal 750mg caps Adults: Treatment: 2.25g 3 times daily for 8wks; max 12wks.
Children: <5yrs: not recommended.
≥5yrs: Treatment: 2.25g 3 times daily or 750mg 3 times daily; max 8wks.
Giazo 1.1g tabs ≥18yrs (males only): Treatment: 3 tabs twice daily; max 8wks.
<18yrs: Not established.
mesalamine Apriso 0.375g ext-rel caps ≥18yrs: Maintenance: 1.5g once daily in the AM.
<18yrs: Not recommended.
Asacol HD 800mg del-rel tabs Adults: Treatment: 1600mg 3 times daily for 6wks.
Children: Not recommended.
Canasa 1g supp Adults: Treatment: 1g once daily at bedtime for 3−6wks. Retain supp in rectum for at least 1−3hrs.
Children: Not established.
Delzicol 400mg del-rel caps Adults: Treatment: 800mg 3 times daily for 6wks.
Maintenance: 1.6g daily in 2−4 divided doses.
Children: <5yrs: not established. ≥5yrs (17–32kg): 36−71mg/kg/day, max 1.2g/day; (33–53kg): 37−61mg/kg/day, max 2g/day; (54−90kg): 27−44mg/kg/day, max 2.4g/day; give in 2 divided doses for 6wks.
Lialda 1.2g del-rel tabs ≥18yrs: Remission induction: 2.4−4.8g once daily for up to 8wks. Maintenance: 2.4g once daily.
<18yrs: Not established.
Pentasa 250mg, 500mg controlled-rel caps Adults: 1g four times daily for up to 8wks.
Children: Not established.
Rowasa 4g/
enema Adults: Treatment: 4g (60mL) daily at bedtime for 3−6wks. Retain enema for 8hrs.
Children: Not recommended.
olsalazine sodium Dipentum 250mg caps Adults: Maintenance: 500mg twice daily with meals.
Children: Not recommended.
sulfasalazine Azulfidine 500mg scored tabs Adults: Treatment: Initially 1−2g daily, increase gradually to 3−4g daily in equally divided doses after meals until symptoms controlled. Maintenance: 2g daily; max 4g/day.
Children: <6yrs: not established. ≥6yrs: Treatment: Initially 40−60mg/kg daily in 3−6 doses. Maintenance: 30mg/kg daily in 4 doses.
Azulfidine EN-tabs 500mg e-c tabs
vedolizumab Entyvio 300mg/
pwd for IV infusion after reconsti
≥18yrs: Give by IV infusion over 30mins. 300mg at Weeks 0, 2, and 6, then every 8wks thereafter. Discontinue if no therapeutic benefit by Week 14.
<18yrs: Not established.
tofacitinib Xeljanz 5mg, 10mg tabs Adults: 10mg twice daily for ≥8wks, then 5mg or 10mg twice daily based on response. Discontinue after 16wks if inadequate response with 10mg twice daily.
Children: Not established.
budesonide Uceris 9mg ext-rel tabs Adults: Remission induction: 9mg once daily in the AM for up to 8wks.
Children: Not established.
Uceris Rectal Foam 2mg emulsion Adults: Apply 1 metered dose per rectum twice daily (AM & PM) for 2wks, then 1 metered dose once daily (PM) for 4wks.
Children: Not established.
adalimumab Humira 10mg/
0.1mL, 10mg/
0.2mL, 20mg/
0.2mL, 20mg/
0.4mL, 40mg/
0.4mL, 40mg/
0.8mL, 80mg/
soln for SC inj ≥18yrs: Remission induction: 160mg (in 1 day or divided over 2 days) at Day 1, then 80mg at Day 15. Maintenance: At Day 29, start 40mg every other week. May continue aminosalicylates, corticosteroids, or immunomodulatory agents. Only continue if evidence of clinical remission by 8wks.
<18yrs: Not recommended.
golimumab Simponi 50mg/
0.5mL, 100mg/
soln for SC inj Adults: Remission induction: Initially 200mg by SC inj at Week 0, followed by 100mg at Week 2. Maintenance: 100mg every 4wks. Rotate inj sites.
<18yrs: Not established.
infliximab Remicade 100mg/
pwd for IV infusion after reconsti
tution and dilution
Adults: Give by IV infusion over at least 2hrs. 5mg/kg at Weeks 0, 2, 6, then every 8wks. Heart failure: max 5mg/kg.
Children: <6yrs: Not established. ≥6yrs: Same as adult dose.
infliximab-abda Renflexis


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