Cancer Control

Transfusion Indications for Patients With Cancer

In infrequent situations in which coagulation factor replacement is needed, plasma can be vital for patients with cancer. Granulocyte transfusions may sometimes be considered for recalcitrant infections in patients with neutropenia. This article summarizes the current clinical indications and uses of RBCs, plasma, and granulocytes.

Case 2: In Sickle Cell Disease, Endocrine Dysfunction May Signal Iron Overload

Frequent blood transfusions are necessary in sickle cell disease to manage chronic— often severe—anemia. Chronic transfusions can lead to iron overload, manifestations that may appear indirectly as endocrine function disorders, such as hypothyroidism. Testing, however, can reveal the underlying cause. This study looks at a 32-year-old woman who was diagnosed with chronic anemia due to hemolysis of the sickled red cells.

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