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Efficiency and Tolerability of Induction and Consolidation Therapy with Arsenic Trioxide/Bortezomib/Ascorbic Acid/Dexamethasone (ABCD) Regimen Compared to Bortezomib/Dexamethasone (BD) Regimen in Newly Diagnosed Myeloma Patients

[Cancer Management and Research] A comparison of the ABCD regimen for newly diagnosed multiple myeloma with the standard BD regimen sought to determine efficacy and safety of the former regimen, as relapse or refractory disease is common with the standard BD regimen.

Cancer Management and Research

The Impact of Ramucirumab Treatment on Survival and Quality of Life in Patients with Gastric Cancer

[Cancer Management and Research] FDA approval of ramucirumab has improved overall survival for patients with advanced gastric carcinoma; however, most patients do not achieve a cure, heightening awareness of health-related quality of life. This report focused on HRQoL and the impact of ramucirumab on HRQoL, as well as summarized studies evaluating the benefits of systemic therapies on HRQoL in patients with advanced gastric cancer.

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