Risk of breast cancer after tangential fields radiotherapy

Women with breast cancer treated with radiotherapy using tangential fields–where radiation is directed at an angle to the breast–after lumpectomy show increased risk of cancer in the other breast, with an even higher risk in younger women and in those with family members who have had breast cancer.

Antibiotics crucial after chemotherapy

Prophylactic antibiotics, barrier isolation and air quality control measures can substantially reduce the risk of death in high-risk cancer patients after chemotherapy, a systematic review has shown

The Inside Edge, Sept 2009

A collection of recent articles from the medical literature discuss surgically removing and evaluating an increasing number of lymph nodes in patients with colorectal cancer; Black women with breast cancer have a greater chance of dying from the disease than white women; chemotherapy plus radiotherapy with or without resection (preferably lobectomy) are options for patients with stage IIIA (N2) non-small cell lung cancer; respecting the patient’s preferences for treatment is a key component of high quality end of life care; and frankincense oil could prove a useful gift in the treatment of bladder cancer

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