Oncology Quest Terms

OncologyNurseAdvisor.com is excited to announce a new feature to our members called Oncology Quest. We are awarding our hard-working nurses with badges, level-ups and free giveaways. All you have to do is to continue to do what you love... check out OncologyNurseAdvisor.com for the latest developments in the nursing community.

The terms associated with Oncology Quest are listed below. Click here for more information.

Capped - reach 50 points
Associate - reach 250 points
Clinician - reach 490 points
Consultant - reach 790 points
Clinical Leader - reach 1190 points
Preceptor - reach 1760 points
Assistant Professor - reach 2690 points
Professor - reach 4580 points
Nursing Scholar - reach 10410 points

Action Points Description
Visit 25 Visit the website
Read Article 5 Read an Article
Submit Advisor Forum Question 250 Submit an Advisor Forum question for potential publication
Sign up for a newsletter
Sign up for a newsletter delivered to your inbox
Vote in poll 75 Vote in a poll
Submit Article
Submit an article for potential publication
Publish article
500 Have an article published on OncologyNurseAdvisor.com
Read Genitourinary article
Read a kidney cancer, prostate cancer or genitourinary cancer article
Read Hematologic Cancers article
10 Read a lymphoma, leukemia or multiple myeloma article
Read Solid Organ Cancer article
Read a lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, liver cancer, colorectal cancer or gastrointestinal cancer article
Read Survivorship article
Read an article in the Survivorship section
Read Radiation and Your Patient article
30 Read an article in the Radiation and Your Patient section
Read The Total Patient section
Read an article in The Total Patient section
Read Patient Voice article
Read an article in the Patient Voice section
Read Ask the Pharmacist article
30 Read an article in the Ask the Pharmacist section
Read Communication Challenges article
25 Read an article in the Communication Challenges section
Read Reflections article
150 Read an article in the Reflections section
Read Stat Consult article
30 Read an article in the Stat Consult section
View Treatment Regimens
View a cancer treatment regimen
Read Women's Cancer article 10 Read a breast cancer, ovarian cancer, cervical cancer, or gynecologic cancer article
Read general cancers article 10
Read general cancers article 10 Read a brain cancer, bone cancer, skin cancer, melanoma, sarcoma, head or neck cancer article

Trailblazer - Visit Oncology Nurse Advisor 1 time.
Traveller - Visit the website 2 times.
Explorer - Visit the website 10 times.
Novice- Read 1 article.
Dabbler- Read 5 articles.
Enthusiast - Read 25 articles.
Fan- Read 50 articles..
Newshound - Read 5 daily news articles.
GYN Specialist - Read 5 Gynecologic Cancers articles.
GYN Expert - Read 10 Gynecologic Cancers articles.
GU Specialist - Read 5 Genitourinary Cancers articles.
GU Expert - Read 10 Genitourinary Cancers articles.
HEME Specialist - Read 5 Hematologic Cancers articles.
HEME Expert - Read 10 Hematologic Cancers articles.
Tumor Specialist - Read 5 Solid Organ Cancers articles.
Tumor Expert - Read 10 Solid Organ Cancers articles.
ONC Specialist - Read 5 General Cancers articles.
ONC Expert - Read 10 General Cancers articles.
Apothecary - Read 1 Stat Consult article.
Pharmacologist - Read 5 Stat Consult articles.
Commenter - Post 1 comment on Communication Challenge article.
Evaluator - Post 3 comments on Communication Challenge article.
Critic - Post 7 comments on Communication Challenge article.
Seeker - Submit 1 Advisor Forum question.
Philosopher - Submit 2 Advisor Forum questions.
Spectator - Read 1 slideshow.
Socialite - Share an item via social media.
Promoter - Share 2 items via social media.
Spokesperson - Share 5 items via social media.
Patron - Sign up for an e-newsletter.
Voter - Vote for 1 poll.
Pundit - Vote for 5 polls.
Contributor - Submit an article for potential publication.

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