Smokeless Tobacco and Cancer (Fact Sheet)

Smokeless Tobacco and Cancer (Fact Sheet)

This fact sheet examines the cancer risks associated with smokeless tobacco products.

Cancer Vaccines (Fact Sheet)

Cancer Vaccines (Fact Sheet)

This fact sheet examines the role of vaccines for the prevention and treatment of cancer, including current areas of research.

Hyperthermia in Cancer Treatment (Fact Sheet)

This fact sheet reviews hyperthermia, a type of cancer treatment in which body tissue is exposed to high temperatures to damage and kill cancer cells.

NCI and ASCO symposium offer strategies for clinical trial accrual


A research team from the NCI and ASCO presented a summary of best practices and strategies for future research in a co-sponsored symposium.

Cryosurgery in Cancer Treatment (Fact Sheet)

This fact sheet reviews the basics of cryosurgery, including availability, advantages and disadvantages, and known side effects.

Biological Therapies for Cancer (Fact Sheet)

This fact sheet provides an overview of how the immune system functions and examines biological therapies, including monoclonal antibodies, cytokines, therapeutic vaccines, cancer-killing viruses, gene therapy, and adoptive T-cell transfer as well as side effects.

Adjuvant and Neoadjuvant Therapy for Breast Cancer (Fact Sheet)

This fact sheet defines adjuvant therapy for breast cancer and explains the length of treatment, which patients are best suited for this treatment, side effects, and highlights current research.

Metastatic Cancer (Fact Sheet)

This fact sheet reviews common sites of cancer metastasis, methods of spread, treatment, and additional details.

Childhood Cancers (Fact Sheet)

This fact sheet reviews cancer types, incidence and survival rates, causes, and current research related to childhood cancer.

Head and Neck Cancers (Fact Sheet)

Head and Neck Cancers (Fact Sheet)

This fact sheet reviews the details of head and neck cancer, including locations, causes, symptoms, diagnosis, risk reduction, and treatment.

Liver Cancer (Fact Sheet)

This fact sheet reviews primary and secondary liver cancer types, symptoms, screening, and treatment.

NCI reforms result in faster activation of cancer trials

Changes made 5 years ago to accelerate time-to-initiation of clinical trials sponsored by the National Cancer Institute have paid off in the form of faster activation of studies.

NCI scientists generate largest data set of cancer-related genetic variations


Scientists at the National Cancer Institute have generated a data set of cancer-specific genetic variations and are making these data available to the research community

Cloud data on cancer may lead to more effective treatments


Cloud technology is now being used to collect detailed information from thousands of cancer samples with the goal of helping doctors make better predictions about how a patient's illness will progress and what type of treatment will be most effective.

Disparities in surgical management of thyroid cancer


ATA guidelines for well-differentiated thyroid cancer recommend therapeutic neck dissection when the disease is clinically involved or metastatic and prophylactic central neck dissection when tumors are advanced. Nonetheless, though these established guidelines are in place, the surgical management of cervical nodes varies greatly.

Information booklets for clinical trial participants

These resources highlight several in-depth online booklets for patients that explain cancer clinical trials.

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