August 2010 Issue of ONA

August 2010 Issue of ONA

August/September 2010

Integrative Oncology

Integrative oncology—August-September 2010

The author previews the upcoming annual conference of the Society for Integrative Oncology.

For Your Patient

Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month 2010

September is national Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month in the US. Events will be held nationwide to spread awareness and hope.

What you should know about chemotherapy drugs

The following resource provides patients with helpful information on key factors to consider when selecting a treatment for cancer.

10 questions to ask at your next exam

To improve communication between you and your health care provider, use this list of questions as a starting point for conversation.

Is a clinical trial right for me?

There are many ways to prepare--and factors to consider--before deciding to enroll in a clinical trial.

Resources about ovarian cancer treatment

The follow resources provide detailed information about treatment for recurrent ovarian cancer.


Combinations work better

Researchers have found that a combination therapy may help treat patients with advanced breast cancer.

Ipilimumab beneficial for metastatic melanoma

The results of a new study indicate that patients with metastatic melanoma experience improved survival with ipilimumab.

Non-small cell lung cancer therapy has mixed results

Targeted agents may improve outcomes for patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer.

Various chemotherapy regimens show promise

Studies presented at the 2010 annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology reported new developments about chemotherapeutic agents.

Advisor Forum

Oncology Nurse Advisor Forum - August/September 2010

The advisor forum answers questions about peripheral neuropathy, specialty pharmacies, fatigue following breast cancer treatment, and more.


Managing EGFR inhibitor side effects in lung cancer patients

Oncology nurses can do much to effectively use epidermal growth factor receptor inhibitors, a mainstay of lung cancer treatment.

Understanding the interaction between food and treatment

What, how much, and when patients eat, as well as dietary supplement use, impact the efficacy of cancer therapy.

Oral care considerations during the patient's cancer treatment

Developing an evidence-based oral care policy may help to prevent or to more effectively manage oral mucositis in oncology patients.

Issues in Cancer Survivorship

Mind over body: The effects of depression on physical disease and how it can predict outcome

Depression accompanies the disease in some people with cancer; in some depression may even predict outcome.

Stat Consult


Doxorubicin is an anthracycline antibiotic that is used to treat lymphoblastic and acute myeloblastic leukemias, several types of cancer, Kaposi sarcoma related to AIDS, malignant ...

Radiation and Your Patient

Stereotactic modalities: Narrow-beam radiation focuses on target tissue

External irradiation modalities can maximize radiation doses to tumor tissue while minimizing radiation dose to healthy tissues.

Communication Challenges

Backstory: What I didn't know

For the author, the life stories of patients are more like mysteries than anything. Sometimes the story she thought she knew turns out to be ...

From Cancer Care

Lightening the burden of costly co-payments for cancer treatment

When making the copayments on expensive cancer therapies becomes a struggle for patients, a referral to CancerCare can help to alleviate the burden.

Ask a Pharmacist

Alternate dosing regimens for estrogen receptor antagonist

Studies show that alternate dosages of fulvestrant may be efficacious, and adverse effects are similar in all regimens.

The Total Patient

Providing care by telephone: Using communication tools to expand patients' access to care

Centralized telephone medical management, with automated symptom monitoring and a long distance reach, improved cancer patients' pain and depression.


The gift of Sam

The author describes taking care of Sam, a young patient with osteogenic sarcoma, as well as the valuable lesson she learned from Sam's mother.

The Patient's Voice

Prostate cancer on the cusp of change

The author reflects on enrolling in a clinical trial comparing active surveillance with immediate intervention in men with favorable-risk prostate cancer.

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