(HealthDay News) — Despite the many frustrations for doctors in medical practice, there are ways to keep morale high, according to an article published Nov. 20 in Medical Economics.

Noting that many physicians are feeling despondent with the state of health care and the continued requirements from state and federal agencies, hospitals, and insurance companies, the article discusses way to boost morale.

The author of the article, George Ferenczi, M.D., M.B.A., considers the relationship with patients as the biggest payoff in medical practice, offering reminders of the value of life and giving inspiration for the future. Medicine also provides the opportunity to be constantly learning new things, with new discoveries and advances each day. In addition, being involved in teaching is motivating. Getting involved in the community presents the opportunity to get rewards from giving back to others. Finally, physician support groups can be helpful, providing an opportunity to vent and to attempt to problem solve.

“I have reached the age where I have relaxed-fit skin to match the clothes I wear, and I continue to practice, despite all the frustrations I share with my partners, as well as the rest of you out there, not to maintain my standard of living, but because I love what I do,” Ferenczi writes.

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