Title: Meaning in Suffering: Caring Practices in the Health Professions, Vol 6

Authors: edited by Nancy Johnston and Alwilda Scholler-Jaquish


Compelling, timely, and essential reading for health care providers, Meaning in Suffering addresses the multiplicity of meanings suffering brings to all it touches: patients, families, health workers, and human science professionals. Examining suffering in writing that is both methodologically rigorous and accessible, the contributors preserve first-hand experiences using narrative ethnography, existential hermeneutics, hermeneutic phenomenology, and traditional ethnography. They offer nuanced insights into suffering as a human condition experienced by persons deserving of dignity, empathy, and understanding.

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Collectively, these essays demonstrate that understanding the suffering of the ‘other’ reveals something vital about the moral courage required to heal—and stay humane—in the face of suffering.

Length: (print edition, ISBN-10: 0299222543; ISBN-13: 978-0299222543): 304 pages (paperback)

Publisher: University of Wisconsin Press; 2007

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