The GWCI team shared its best practices for clinical survivorship programs, which they developed from surveying participants who attended Executive Training on Navigation and Survivorship and from surveys on best practices.

  • Conduct a needs assessment, which may be more feasible than you think.
  • Identify a champion who can advocate for your program.
  • Communicate early and often with stakeholders, who may include physicians, administrators, marketing representatives, registrars, the information technology department, and others.
  • Start where you are and set realistic goals.
  • Determine your evaluation plan from the very beginning to help you refine and, if necessary, justify your program.
  • Create a business plan that describes your program and its goals clearly.
  • Talk with others who have survivorship programs up and running. There is no reason to reinvent the wheel, and sharing tips is the best way to spread knowledge on best practices in survivorship.

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Kathy Boltz is a medical writer based in Phoenix, Arizona. 


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