Onxeo S.A., an innovative biopharmaceutical company specializing in the development of orphan oncology drugs, has announced positive preliminary top-line results from its Phase II clinical trial of Validive® (mucoadhesive buccal tablet MBT clonidine Lauriad®) for prevention of severe oral mucositis (OM). Oral mucositis is a radio/chemotherapy related condition occurring very frequently in patients undergoing head and neck cancer treatment.

Based on the well-established WHO scale, OM is considered as “non severe” for grades 0 to 2, based on level of pain and burden for the patients. >From grade 3 to 4, OM is rated severe, based on symptoms such as pain and mouth dryness which prevents patients from drinking and eating and induces increased hospitalization and treatment breaks. With no curative or preventive treatment currently, OM represents a serious unmet medical need for the patients.

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