The Inside Edge (Nov 2009)

Summarizes recent findings from the oncology literature, including metabolic deficiency in pancreatic cancer cells; association between allergies and cancer; prostate cancer gene 3; survival gain of palliative chemotherapy; serum microRNAs; and optimism may protect against breast cancer

The Inside Edge (March 2009)

Summarizes recent findings from the oncology literature, including single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in 487 children treated for newly diagnosed ALL; antioxidant vitamins may prevent cancer; does risedronate prevent bone loss in premenopausal women having chemotherapy for breast cancer; fertility drugs and women’s risk of cancer; and tadpoles and skin cancer

The Inside Edge (June 2008)

Summarizes recent findings from the oncology literature, including length of telomeres in blood cells can indicate prognosis in breast cancer; the impact of exercise on cancer-related fatigue; successful reimplantation of healthy ovarian tissue taken from a cancer patient before treatment; MRI falsely detects breast cancer in five out of six positive scans; mistletoe extracts have been claimed to improve survival and quality of life for cancer patients; and colour X-ray technique to detect human cancers

The Inside Edge (June 2009)

Summarizes recent findings from the oncology literature, including Recent advances suggest that screening for ovarian cancer could be possible; Dietary restriction can reduce cancer incidence and growth; Men with benign adrenal tumours; A rule to predict the risk of lymph node metastasis in elderly women; Omega-3 fatty acids could be a useful addition to the anticancer armoury

The Inside Edge (Dec 2009)

Summarizes a number of recent oncology research findings, including Infertility is a significant side-effect in young patients who are undergoing chemotherapy; PDT can enhance systemic immunity to tumours; Antioxidants can sometimes promote the survival and proliferation of cancer cells; Aromatase inhibitors suppress estrogen and may increase the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome in postmenopausal women receiving adjuvant therapy for early breast cancer; and Studying pet dogs with cancer could aid the diagnosis and treatment of human cancers

The Inside Edge, Sept 2009

A collection of recent articles from the medical literature discuss surgically removing and evaluating an increasing number of lymph nodes in patients with colorectal cancer; Black women with breast cancer have a greater chance of dying from the disease than white women; chemotherapy plus radiotherapy with or without resection (preferably lobectomy) are options for patients with stage IIIA (N2) non-small cell lung cancer; respecting the patient’s preferences for treatment is a key component of high quality end of life care; and frankincense oil could prove a useful gift in the treatment of bladder cancer

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