Video-based patient education tool is an effective adjunct to printed materials and one-on-one counseling on post hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT) diet needs and is well-received by patients, according to a poster presentation at the 2016 ASCO Quality Care Symposium.1

Patient education is a critical element in enhancing patient preparedness and survivorship, especially for patients undergoing complex treatments such as HSCT. An essential part of counseling for these patients is diet-related education to prevent infectious complications.

Currently, clinicians engage patients in a one-on-one discussion and provide printed materials. However, the researchers sought to determine if the audio and interactive components of video-based teaching may strengthen the learning process of patients and their caregivers, particularly for older patients.

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For this study, focus group methodology was used to identify items and institutional protocols to present in the video. Focus groups included patients, nurses, physicians, pharmacists, and dietitians who were asked semistructured questions.

After refinement of content and usability, the video was presented to 10 patients admitted to the hospital for HSCT and their caregivers. They were instructed on using the video and given unlimited time to view it.

The patients and caregivers were surveyed for their feedback on the length of the video and its content. All the patients found the video to be a helpful addition to the written materials provided, and the content was consistent and easy to use.

Two patients responded that the video was long but had positive comments on the comprehensiveness of the content, and 1 patient preferred having printed materials during food preparation. All of the patients asked for the video to be available after discharge.

Utilizing a multidisciplinary team to develop the content for the video was instrumental, and a survey of the initial cohort of patients reported positive feedback in regards to its usability and knowledge gained. A formal evaluation of how this learning tool impacts clinical outcomes is a next step.


1. Close S, Emmert A, Soiffer R, Alyea E, Antin HA, Glotzbecker B. An interactive video-based approach to diet education for patients posthematopoietic stem cell transplantation. J Clin Oncol. 2016;34(suppl7S):Abstract 183.