NEW ORLEANS—A YouTube channel containing clinical update videos for oncology nurses successfully promoted and integrated research evidence into clinical practice, according to research presented at the Oncology Nursing Society 37th Annual Congress.

Integrating evidence-based practice (EBP) into patient care remains challenging for clinical nurses. As a universally adopted, digital-era technology, YouTube is an accessible platform for education and clinical updates. The platform also enables nurses to access information from a trusted colleague, a frequently used, information-seeking method of learning.

At University of California San Diego (UCSD), San Diego, CA, a project team strategized to create a digital-era method that could be used to update oncology nurses about EBP and nursing research. In February 2010, the team developed the Nursing Research News you Can Use (NRNYCU) YouTube channel, targeting oncology nurses. During 2011, six NRNYCU videos, approximately 5 minutes each, were produced and then posted on the channel.

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Articles highlighted in the videos were also easily accessible for background and review. The six video topics included Patient Education, Post-Treatment & Exercise, Pain Management, Patient/Family-Centered Care, Symptom Management Resources, and Distress Management.

A survey of UCSD oncology nurses (n = 20) who had viewed the videos evaluated the effectiveness of the NRNYCU platform to update oncology nurses. Survey highlights:

(a) 85% of respondents reported videos were easy to access, (b) 79% of respondents reported they were very interested in content, (c) 62% of respondents learned a lot from the content, (d) 67% of respondents accessed only the videos (not the articles), (e) 88% of respondents considered NRNYCU a very effective method to update practice.

The survey included many questions about how NRNYCU video content affected clinical practice. Respondents reported that content significantly informed practice toward improved patient outcomes.

“The NRNYCU platform via a YouTube channel is a proven method to promote and integrate nursing research evidence into clinical practice. Refinement of the platform continues so that regular production of YouTube accessible videos is a skill set that can be easily adopted by other cancer care facilities or nursing specialties,” the researchers concluded.