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The geriatric vulnerability score (GVS) is a potentially valuable tool for clinicians who are managing older patients with ovarian cancer. Study results presented at ESMO Congress 2019 in Barcelona, Spain, indicate that the GVS provides a reproducible and robust prediction model for vulnerability in older patients with ovarian cancer. The researchers found that the scoring tool was effective regardless of geographic location and historic effect as well as treatment patterns.

An analysis from the GCIG-ENGOT-GINECO EWOC-1 study led to the development of the GVS for identifying geriatric vulnerability in older patients with ovarian cancer. The GVS combines albumin level (≥35 g/L or <35 g/L), lymphocyte level (<1×109/L or ≥1×109/L), and activities of daily living (ADL; ≥6 or <6). It also combines instrumental ADL (≥25 or <25) and Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS; <14 or ≥14) scores. At a cut-off of 3 or higher, GVS delineated a population with significantly decreased overall survival (hazard raio [HR] = 2.94).

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The researchers applied the GVS in a variety of settings. In one case, patients aged 70 and older with FIGO stage III/IV epithelial ovarian cancer and no organ failure were screened with the GVS. Those patients with a GVS score of 3 or higher were entered into the EWOC-1 randomized trial, which evaluated 3 treatment regimens. As part of this investigation, other patients’ data were collected in the EWOC-1 registry and external validation of the GVS was also performed.

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A total of 447 older patients were included in the evaluation and all the patients received their diagnoses between December 2013 and November 2018. The median follow-up was 22 months. After conducting cross-validation analyses (calibration, discrimination, and performance analysis), the researchers found that the GVS provided a strong prediction model of vulnerability in older patients with ovarian cancer.


Tinquaut F, Freyer G, Pommeret F, et al. Validation of the geriatric vulnerability score (GVS) in older ovarian cancer (oOC) patients: An analysis from the GCIG-ENGOT-GINECO EWOC-1 study. Presented at: ESMO Congress 2019; September 27-October1, 2019; Barcelona, Spain. Presentation Number: 997PD.