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A research team evaluated attitudes and perceptions among patients and healthcare providers (HCPs) related to shared decision-making (SDM) for bladder cancer treatment, and they reported their findings at the American Society of Clinical Oncology 2021 Genitourinary Cancers Symposium.

In their study, the researchers surveyed 53 patients with bladder cancer and 23 HCPs at 5 US healthcare systems regarding attitudes and experiences around SDM related to bladder cancer care.

Patients and HCPs both identified the 2 main patient goals of bladder cancer treatment; prevention of progression or recurrence was noted as a patient goal by 61% of patients and 48% of HCPs, and maintenance of quality of life was also identified as a goal by 35% of patients and 78% of HCPs. However, HCPs appeared to overestimate the importance of this latter goal.

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In terms of patient challenges reported by patients and perceived by HCPs, HCPs tended to understand many posttreatment challenges, but they appeared to overestimate the importance of difficulties associated with adapting to urinary diversion. HCPs also underestimated patients’ serious worry about an inability to meet responsibilities, with 9% of patients citing this concern and 0% of HCPs identifying it.

Regarding patient barriers to SDM involvement, HCPs substantially underestimated patients’ sense of feeling completely uninvolved, which was reported by 44% of patients and only 4% of HCPs. HCPs also overestimated patients’ sense of feeling too overwhelmed to make decisions, with only 9% of patients reporting this and 65% of HCPs perceiving this as a barrier.

The researchers concluded that the alignments and discrepancies in perceptions between HCPs and patients revealed by this study could be useful for educational purposes. The researchers also underscored the value of communication between HCPs and patients to improve patient understanding and enhance patient involvement in care.

Disclosures: Some authors declared affiliations or received funding from the pharmaceutical industry. Please refer to the original abstract for a full list of disclosures.

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