Table 1 shows a summary of the clinical and pathological characteristics of the cases included in this study. A total of 53 patients with primary breast cancer were included. The mean patients’ age was 51.79±11.975 years at a range of (24–79), their mean BMI was 30.48±4.9157 (20.4–44.9). Their pathological diagnosis was invasive ductal carcinoma in 53 cases (100%). The mean tumor surface area was 10.591±7.3685 cm2 at a range of 1.0–30. LN metastasis was present in 86% of cases, the mean number of LN metastasis was 14.47±7.3685 at a range of 0–30. Distant metastasis was present in 45% of cases. Tumor grading was moderate in 43 cases (81.1%), and high in ten cases (18.9%).

The expression of chemerin in breast carcinomas versus normal breast tissue

Immunohistochemistry was performed in 53 breast cancer specimens and their corresponding normal tissues. Of the 53 patients, 30 cases (56%) showed a high expression level of chemerin in malignant tissue vs non-cancerous tissue specimens (P=0.001). The chemerin protein appeared to be expressed mainly in the cytoplasm and to a lesser extent in the nuclei of tumor cells, Table 2 and Figure 1, also, the chemerin expression in the metastatic LNs was significantly higher than the malignant breast tissue (Figures 2 and 3, (P=0.01).