Oncology pharmacists can also help patients in identifying and mitigating barriers to medication access. In one case, a patient with prostate cancer was prescribed a drug with a co-pay of $2196 per month. Upon hearing the news, the pharmacist worked with the multidisciplinary team’s financial advisor to identify a $6500 grant that reduced the drug’s co-pay to $500. “We keep a running log, and as that grant money starts to trickle down and run out, we start the same process all over, looking at grants to see if anything has opened up that we can apply for. If not, we’ll reach out to the manufacturer for assistance,” said Jeanie Patrick, PharmD, BCOP, also an oncology pharmacist at Cancer Care Center.4

On multidisciplinary teams BCOPs are relied heavily upon by the clinical team for their expertise in cancer medicine and for the vital patient-specific information they provide. They are knowledgeable, collaborative team players that play a key role in leading evidenced-based decisions to improve patient care.2 Oncology pharmacists are also heavily relied upon by their patients for a level of personalized health care and guidance that makes cancer treatment just a little bit easier for all involved. “I was not only working to the top of my ability, but I knew the appreciation that the patient felt for me and my role. It was an amazing experience to have as any type of healthcare professional.” said Kristen Rychalsky, PharmD, BCOP, an oncology pharmacist at Smilow Cancer Hospital at Yale New Haven in Connecticut.4


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