LUNGevity, a lung cancer-focused nonprofit organization, has launched a new mobile application designed to help patients with lung cancer better understand their disease and make living with lung cancer less daunting.1

The mobile app, called Lung Cancer Navigator, is a customizable app that provides the latest medical and treatment information related to patients’ specific lung cancer diagnosis. In addition, it offers tools for organizing customized care, managing multiple medications, and describing and tracking symptoms. Patients may use the app to input reminders and keep a list of questions for their next doctor visit.

The app also provides forums for those who require help coping with the disease, including patients, caregivers, and support network members, to ask questions and communicate important details in real time with physicians and other health professionals as well as friends and family caregivers.

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“When someone receives a lung cancer diagnosis, it can be overwhelming,” Andrea Ferris, president of LUNGevity Foundation, said in a press release. “Our goal with the LUNGevity Lung Cancer Navigator app is to empower patients and provide them with a forum for connecting to customized information and a support community that helps them navigate life with understanding and much less fear.”

LUNGevity’s Lung Cancer Navigator mobile app is available as a free download on iOS devices from the Apple App Store and Android devices from Google Play. Demonstration videos of the app can be viewed at


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