Notably, cost-of-care conversations should also include an aspect of patient empowerment. In addition to being conducted by a knowledgeable navigator such conversations should also provide tools that patients can assess and understand on their own time. Providing such resources in the form of fliers or online tools has been shown to be effective in reducing patient distress and facilitating further cost-of-care discussions with providers.1,4, 6,22 One such resource termed, “A Helping Hand,” offered by CancerCare, provides an online tool where patients can access information about financial assistance based on their specific diagnosis and zip code.1

Receiving the best course of treatment regardless of its cost is the top priority for both physicians and patients, but discussions of strategies to mitigate financial toxicity are equally vital. Rising or unexpected healthcare costs cause patients profound distress, which in turn can decrease treatment effectiveness. Truly effective cost-of-care conversations not only inform patients of the financial burden before them but allows them to be active participants in mitigating the direct and indirect costs of cancer treatment leading to better patient outcomes.


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