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A survey conducted by Springer Publishing Company polled more than 1,000 nurses on their use of mobile devices. Nearly three-quarters of the respondents (74.6%) own a smartphone or tablet computer, but less than half (41.5%) own an eBook reader. The smartphone or tablet devices owned by nurses were Apple iPhone/iPod Touch (43.7%), Android (29.8%), Apple iPad (22%), Blackberry/RIM (19%), Windows Mobile (4.1%), and Symbian (0.4%).

The Amazon Kindle was the most popular eBook reader (61.4%), with “other” and Barnes & Noble Nook a distant second and third, respectively (19.1% and 16.8%, respectively). The full survey results are available at http://springerpub.com/content/downloads/Springer-Publishing_2011_Nursing_eBook-Smartphone_Survey.pdf.

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