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Major study links two new genetic variants to breast cancer

Personalized medicine and the role of the navigator: Prostate cancer

Molecular tests are poised to become a part of the treatment guidelines for prostate cancer. These tests provide information that extends beyond just identifying the type of cancer a patient has; they can also help narrow down treatment options to those that offer the best outcomes for patients.

Facing prostate cancer—but not alone

Frank dela Rama, a new member of the Oncology Nurse Advisor editorial board, talks about helping men with newly diagnosed prostate cancer learn about and prepare to cope with their disease.

Brain mets

Brain mets: Time for a new approach

A blue-ribbon team of national experts stated that professional pessimism and out-of-date myths rather than current science may compromise the care of patients with brain cancer.

E-cigarette opinions

E-cigarette opinions

The jury is still out on the dangers of e-cigarettes, whether they assist traditional smokers in quitting, and how much they should or should not be regulated by the government.

Providers urged to address post-cancer concerns

Navigator Notes: Distress screening and support

As patients and oncology care teams strive to keep up with complex treatment plans, symptoms of distress in the patient may be missed. Distress screening tools can help nurse navigators identify which patients may need a referral for psychosocial support.

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