Culturally Sensitive Cancer Care

Steps must be taken to increase medical knowledge and sensitivity to transgender issues, reduce health care disparities for the transgender community, and to continue to create and promote an atmosphere of safety and inclusion for transgender patients.  According to a 2017 National LGBT Health Education Center report, the responsibility of health care and medical providers is to create “a setting of respect and trust. This requires referring to the transgender patient by their preferred name and pronoun, reassuring the patient about confidentiality, educating clinic staff and colleagues regarding transgender issues, and respecting the patient’s wishes regarding potentially sensitive physical examinations and tests.… Familiarity with commonly used terms and the diversity of identities within the transgender community is essential.”7 Only by ensuring the inclusion of the transgender community, can there be an even greater, broader, and more diverse interest in study and research to improve the lives of the transgender client.

William Goeren is director of Clinical Programs at CancerCare.


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