Is there a standard process for administering KCL through an IV? Is a specific site recommended when using a peripheral IV or a certain gauge quick-cath? What is your standard dilution? –Name withheld on request.

Administration of IV KCL is institutionally based, but standard procedures include a patent line, central if possible due to the fact that IV potassium burns the vein. If not, a peripheral IV that has visible blood return is acceptable.

Catheter gauge is not specific to the infusion, nor does the IV have to be in a specific site. But, the site should be monitored for redness, tenderness, and irritation every 30 minutes during the infusion. IV KCL should be diluted in normal saline solution of 150 to 250 mL at minimum for peripheral infusions; however, IV KCL can be diluted in 1,000 mL to prevent venous irritation. D5W is also an acceptable solution for dilution. —Jiajoyce R. Conway, DNP, CRNP, AOCNP

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