Is there a good reason to mix nab-paclitaxel (Abraxane) with warm (not cool) normal saline when reconstituting? —Name withheld on request

Nab-paclitaxel is an albumin-bound formulation of paclitaxel. It is supplied commercially as a sterile powder that must be reconstituted using normal saline for injection (0.9% sodium chloride). Due to the formulation of this product, there are strict temperature requirements. Unopened vials should be stored at controlled room temperature (68°-77° F). If the reconstituted vial is not used immediately, it may be stored for up to 8 hours under refrigerated conditions (36°-46° F). Once prepared for administration (ie, in an infusion bag), the product is stable only for up to 4 hours.

Warming saline prior to reconstituting nab-paclitaxel is not recommended. Because the paclitaxel is contained within albumin particles, the reconstitution instructions and temperature parameters described in the product prescribing information should be followed closely. Once the product is warmed or cooled beyond the parameters specified in the prescribing information, the product viability and potency can no longer be guaranteed since the albumin particles may have denatured. This could potentially affect the efficacy and toxicity of nab-paclitaxel therapy.

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