What is the familial incidence of gallbladder cancer?

Risk factors for gallbladder cancer include regional genetic predisposition, ethnicity, increasing age, female gender, chronic inflammation, congenital developmental abnormalities, low socio-economic status, low frequency of cholecystectomy for gallbladder diseases, and exposure to certain chemicals. There is a prominent global variability of gallbladder cancer incidence, which roughly correlates with the prevalence of cholelithiasis. The highest incidence is found among native Indian populations. All of these populations have a high genetic prevalence of gallstones and/or chronic Salmonella infection. As far as a hereditary (familial) syndrome associated with the disease, maternal transmission appeared to be favored. Gall bladder cancer was associated with pancreatic cancer (standardized incidence ratios 2.39; 95% CI 1.23-4.18). —Donald R. Fleming, MD