Physical examination findings Vital signs are unremarkable. In general, this is a well-appearing older male patient in no acute distress, breathing comfortably at rest. Pulmonary examination is positive for expiratory wheezing in the bilateral lung fields. Cardiac examination reveals a regular rhythm and rate, with no audible murmurs. Abdominal examination is positive for a mildly distended abdomen with palpable splenomegaly extending approximately 10 cm below the left costal margin, mid-clavicular line. Bilaterally equal nonpitting edema in the lower extremities is noted.

Laboratory test results CBC with differential: WBC 24.2×109/L with no circulating blasts, neutrophils 60%, lymphocytes 30%, Hgb 10.7 g/dL, MCV 90, PLTs 118×109/L. Chemistry panel reveals mild elevation in alkaline phosphatase (130 U/L) and elevated LDH (700 U/L), otherwise normal hepatic function and serum creatinine is within normal limits (0.8 mg/dL). Iron panel within normal limits 

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Imaging Echocardiography reveals increased pulmonary artery pressure concerning for pulmonary hypertension, no evidence of heart failure with normal ventricular function, and left ventricular ejection fraction of 60%. Abdominal ultrasound reveals splenomegaly measuring approximately 18 cm. The patient is referred to hematology/oncology for further work-up.

What is the greatest concern given the above laboratory findings and what additional studies need to be pursued?

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