How the Clinic Works

A clinic visit lasts approximately 2 hours. Each specialist rotates for 20 minutes, ascertaining if there are certain deficits, then all the specialists meet to discuss their findings. For example, if a patient needs medication for neuropathy but cannot afford it, the case manager will try to arrange for the patient to obtain the medicine at an affordable price. Staff may involve the integrative medicine clinic or the survivorship clinic to offer massage therapy and reflexology.Although all of these services are available in most cancer centers, the CARE Clinic provides access to them in a single visit at a central location, so patients, family members, or caregivers do not have to visit multiple places. “It’s kind of one-stop shopping. We can potentially save patients the trouble of having to go to 6 different appointments. It’s nice to do that,” Dr Rosko noted.

Patients attend the CARE Clinic one time, then go back to their regular clinicians. Staying in touch with all healthcare providers is important for patients and families, especially if the patient is frail. Most people want to know that everything that could have been addressed, actually was. Dr Rosko knows that even with her innovations in care uncovering specific biomarkers to determine biologic age is challenging. However, she is confident this knowledge will lead to better quality of life for patients and, eventually, improve survival.

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Bette Weinstein Kaplanis a medical writer based in Tenafly, New Jersey.


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