A recent study evaluated the value of support garments for use by patients with urostomies, with the results presented in the British Journal of Nursing.

“Although support garments are widely recommended to patients with urostomies, there has been little research on the role of support garments and the value they may offer people living with a stoma,” the researchers explained in their report.

The study consisted of a cross-sectional survey given to 103 participants with urostomies. In addition to questions about experiences with support garments, the survey addressed a variety of patient characteristics.

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More than two-thirds of the study participants (70%) were female. A total of 54% of participants had been using a stoma for more than 4 years, and 11% had lived with stomas for 12 or fewer months.

Among types of support garments used, 56% of participants more frequently used support underwear, while 31% used support belts more frequently.

From 58 participants, additional comments were provided, which typically focused on the following topics: lifestyle, physical and psychosocial areas of self-management, and guidance from the health care team. Support garments were linked to an added sense of security for many participants, such as by reducing concerns around urine leakage.

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Some patients reported that support garments created discomfort. However, support garments were reported to alleviate discomfort related to parastomal bulges or hernias. Some comments indicated a possible trade-off between comfort and protection in finding the optimal support garment.

The researchers concluded that support garments could be of mixed value for some patients, but for other patients they provided benefits, including improved self-confidence and physical support.


Taylor C, Munro J, Goodman W, et al. Experiences of wearing support garments by people living with a urostomy. Br J Nurs. 2019;28(22):S26-S33.