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The National Cancer Institute (NCI)

The following booklets are available through the National Cancer Institute. 
The booklets are free and can be printed from the Web site or ordered from the NCI.

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Taking Part in Cancer Treatment Research Studies: This booklet explains what clinical trials are, what you might expect if you decide to participate in a trial, and things you should think about when making a decision about participating in a clinical trial.

If You Have Cancer and Have Medicare … You Should Know About 
Clinical Trials: This booklet is a resource for Medicare recipients who have cancer. It provides general information about cancer clinical trials, what Medicare will cover, and questions you should ask before you agree to participate.

Providing Your Tissue for Research: What You Need to Know: This booklet explains the role of tissue research. It answers questions you may have such as what is tissue, how is it collected, what will be done with the tissue, and what if I change my mind after the tissue is collected. 


The following booklet is available through CancerCare. The booklet is free, and it can be read on the Web site or ordered from CancerCare.

Clinical Trials: Improving the Care of People Living With Cancer: This booklet provides general information about clinical trials, including the benefits of participating in clinical trials, the rights of and protections for clinical trial participants, and frequently asked questions.

American Cancer Society (ACS)

The following booklet is available through the American Cancer Society. It is a free and can be downloaded and printed from the ACS Web site.

Clinical Trials: What You Need to Know: This booklet discusses all facets of clinical trial participation, including why clinical trials are needed; what happens before, during, and after the trial; phases; types of clinical trials; costs and insurance coverage; and questions you should ask your health care providers and the research team.