Preliminary results of a prospective, phase II trial show that once-daily accelerated partial breast irradiation (APBI) effectively prevented recurrence of cancer in the treated breast for a median of 34 months after treatment. Furthermore, cosmesis (the preservation of the normal appearance of the breast) was rated as good/excellent by more than 95% of patients and their physicians.1

The study, conducted to evaluate the TomoTherapy® System (Accuray Incorporated; Sunnyvale, CA), included 111 patients treated with lumpectomy followed by APBI, delivered once a day over 10 days.

The investigators report the once-daily regimen may be a contributing factor to the better cosmetic outcomes and lower toxicity patients experienced. In addition, patients were able to complete their treatment without interruption and with minimal acute or late side effects.

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The TomoTherapy System is specifically designed for image-guided intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT). It leverages a CT scanner–based platform that enables continuous helical delivery from 360° around the patient. It can also deliver treatment from fixed angles.

Three-dimensional image guidance ensures accurate, individualized dose distributions that conform to the shape of the tumor, thereby minimizing exposure to healthy tissue.


1. Accuray Incorporated. TomoTherapy® system provides favorable cosmetic outcomes without compromising efficacy in low-risk breast cancer patients [news release]. PRNewswire web site. Published July 21, 2016. Accessed July 22, 2016.