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Side-Effect Management

Potential of FMT in Managing Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor-Associated Colitis

Transplanting fecal bacteria from healthy donors might prove to be effective in resolving cancer immunotherapy-triggered colitis, a pair of case reports has suggested.

Radiation and Your Patient

Fertility Preservation at the Forefront of Radiation Therapy

Younger age at diagnosis and delayed childbearing are reprioritizing fertility-preserving treatment options.

Issues in Cancer Survivorship

Brain Exercises: A Troublesome Adverse Effects Gets a Novel Intervention

Use of a computerized brain exercise program designed to help people sharpen their cognitive function was found to be effective against chemobrain in breast cancer survivors.

From CancerCare

The Role for Wounded Healers in Oncology Nursing

A reflection on how clinicians' own illness humanizes them as healers.

Navigator Notes

How Culturally Competent Care Is Different for Jewish Women With Breast Cancer

A review of the cultural and religious beliefs of Ashkenazi Jewish women that may challenge adherence to breast cancer screening and genetic testing recommendations.

General Oncology

Alternative Medicine Beliefs and the Risks Patients Take for a ‘Cure’

The ASCO 2018 Cancer Opinions Survey revealed an almost unbelievable fact about Americans' beliefs regarding cancer care. This report examines the lengths some people with cancer will go to in pursuing a "cure" for their disease.

Oncology Nursing

Reliable Internet Resources for Patients

What are some good Internet resources for patient information about cancer treatment regimens?

General Oncology

Proscription on Antiperspirant Use During Radiotherapy: Does the Advice Still Apply?

In a 2-pronged study, researchers determined that antiperspirant/deodorant use is a significant part of quality of life for patients with breast cancer, and the practice does not increase risk of skin reactions in the axilla.

Liver Cancer

Radiofrequency Ablation of Hepatocellular Carcinoma: A Meta-analysis

[OncoTargets and Therapy] This meta-analysis evaluates prognostic factors of OS and RFS in patients treated with radiofrequency ablation.

Journal Review

Same-Day B12 Supplementation, Pemetrexed Infusions for Lung Cancers Safe

Mean changes in hematologic indices found similar regardless of same-day or prior administration of B12 supplementation in patients receiving pemetrexed for NSCLC or pleural mesothelioma.

From CancerCare

Helping EOL Patients, Their Loved Ones During the Holidays

A social worker reviews the challenges patients and their families will face dealing with anticipatory grief and bereavement during festive holiday activities.

General Oncology

Effect of IV Hydration Strategy on Plasma Methotrexate Clearance During HD-MTX

[Cancer Management and Research] Researchers sought to determine the effect of intravenous hydration on plasma methotrexate clearance on pediatric oncology patients receiving HD-MTX for ALL, NHL, or osteosarcoma.

General Oncology

Integrative Medicine Practices That Can Help Pediatric Cancer Patients

A review of studies investigating the safety and efficacy of integrative and complementary medicine practices sought to determine their effects on children with cancer.

General Oncology

Counseling Patients on Oral Chemotherapy

What are some tips for speaking to patients about adherence to oral cancer medications?

General Oncology

Efficacy, Safety of Apatinib for Refractory Malignancies

[OncoTargets and Therapy] A meta-analysis sought to support the efficacy and safety of apatinib in the treatment of solid tumors that was previously reported in previous studies.

Oncology Nursing

Nurses and Technology: How Much of What’s Online Is Off Limits?

How much of what's online is off limits? A review of ethics, principles, and guidelines for nurse and social worker behaviors regarding online searches.

Navigator Notes

Is Surgery Best Option for Elderly Nursing Home Residents With Breast Cancer?

A retrospective study sought to determine the effectiveness of surgical intervention for elderly female nursing home residents with breast cancer.

General Oncology

Cell Phones and Cancer Risk

This fact sheet explores the technology of cell phones, radiofrequency energy and how it may affect the body, and the findings of research studies about cell phone exposure and cancer risk.

Pancreatic Cancer

Predictive Role of Rash in Patients Treated With GEM+E in Advanced Pancreatic Cancer

[OncoTargets and Therapy] In this systematic review and meta-analysis, researchers sought to determine the predictive value of skin rash in patients with advanced pancreatic cancer treated with gemcitabine plus erlotinib.

Journal Review

Nedaplatin Associated With Less Toxicity Than Cisplatin for MPE

In this retrospective study, researchers sought to determine the efficacy of nedaplatin vs cisplatin for the treatment of malignancy-induced malignant pleural effusion.

Prostate Cancer

Navigating Prostate Cancer From Diagnosis Through Treatment

Lee Hillstrom shares his cancer experience and highlights the critical support he received from a nurse navigator and cancer counselor.

Oncology Nursing

‘Are We There Yet? How Much Longer?’: Deciphering Patients’ Persistent Questions

How do you answer when the patient or family asks, "What is next?" More importantly, though, you need to recognize if they are asking that question, or is there something else they are really asking.

From CancerCare

Strength and Hope for Women in the Mist of Cancer

A review of the most feared effects of breast cancer treatment and resources to recommend to patients coping with these effects.

Breast Cancer

Hypofractionated RT After Breast Cancer Surgery Increases Late Fibrosis

[Breast Cancer: Targets and Therapy] Researchers sought to determine the incidence of subcutaneous side effects in patients with early-stage breast cancer treated with AHF-RT vs standard fractionated RT after breast conserving surgery.

General Oncology

Challenges of Cancer Care in the Incarcerated Population

This in-depth review examines the inherent challenges of providing cancer care for incarcerated patients.

Myeloproliferative Neoplasms

Case Study: Myelofibrosis Diagnosis and Early Intervention

In this Case Study, Ms Lyle discusses diagnosis and early management of myelofibrosis in a 72-year-old male patient.

Breast Cancer

Treatment Strategies, Prognoses in Elderly With Breast Cancer

[Cancer Management and Research] Data from a total of 16,998 patients with breast cancer included in the SEER database were evaluated to determine the prognosis of various treatment options for elderly patients.

General Oncology

Advances in Radiogenomics: A Review

Researchers are seeking genetic biomarkers that can predict which patients are most likely to suffer radiotoxicities and which can safely undergo intensified radiation treatment regimens.

Journal Review

Managing Dermatologic Adverse Events in Patients Receiving Third-Generation EGFR-TKIs

An international team reviews osimertinib-associated dermatologic adverse events in patients treated with the third-generation EGFR-TKI.


Navigation at the End of Therapy: A Crucial Transition in Lymphoma Treatment

A nurse-led study explored the significance of nurse navigators for patients with lymphoma approaching their transition from acute care to survivorship care.

Breast Cancer

Anticancer and Cardio-protective Effects of Liposomal Doxorubicin in the Treatment of Breast Cancer

[Breast Cancer: Targets and Therapy] This research examines the mechanism of action of L-DOX and its most common side effects and highlight results of its use in clinical trials for the treatment of BC as single agent and in combination with other commonly used chemotherapeutics.

From CancerCare

Anxiety, Depression in Prostate Cancer: Managing Psychosocial Effects in Male Patients

A review of how emotions, social perceptions, and physical effects influence coping skills for men with prostate cancer.

Brain Cancer

CNS Tumors in Childhood: Predicting Successful Adult Independence

Researchers at St Jude Children's Research Hospital sought to determine what indicators in survivors of CNS tumors can predict the survivor's ability to live independently as an adult.

Lung Cancer

Prophylactic Cranial Irradiation in Small-Cell Lung Cancer

[Lung Cancer: Targets and Therapy] This review presents a summary and update of the latest evidence for patient selection, efficacy and outcome of primary treatment, prophylactic cranial irradiation (PCI) in the treatment of patients with SCLC.

Skin Cancer

Skin Cancer Screening Programs: Are They Effective?

Skin cancer screening programs have led to diagnoses of melanoma that would have otherwise been missed, but the overall public health benefit of such programs remains unclear.

General Oncology

High-Dose Flu Vaccine in Elderly Receiving Chemotherapy

What information is there about using the newer high-dose flu vaccine in patients with cancer?

General Oncology

Acrylamide in Food and Cancer Risk (Fact Sheet)

This fact sheet explores the possible cancer risks caused by the chemical acrylamide in foodstuffs and consumer goods.

Pancreatic Cancer

Current Status and Dilemma of Second-line Treatment in Advanced Pancreatic Cancer

[OncoTargets and Therapy] Although first-line therapy is effective, relapse is common; but many patients are good candidates for second-line therapy. This report reviews current published data on second-line therapies for advanced pancreatic cancer.

Navigator Notes

Integrating Preop Oral Care Into Cancer Treatment Plans

Oral care by a dentist was found to reduce pathogenic bacterial plaque thereby decreasing the risk of postoperative pneumonia, a potentially fatal adverse effect, in patients undergoing surgical procedures for cancer.

Journal Review

Novel Agents Improve Management of CINV

In a recent report, researchers evaluate the efficacy of newer 5HT3-RAs for the prevention of CINV in patients with cancer receiving moderately or highly emetogenic chemotherapy.

General Oncology

RPLS Induced by Apatinib: A Case Report, Literature Review

[OncoTargets and Therapy] The challenges of reversible posterior leukoencephalopathy syndrome (RPLS), a rare clinical-radiologic syndrome, are presented in a case study and review of the literature on RPLS.

Lung Cancer

Palliative Care for Lung Cancer in Veterans at Risk of Suicide

In a review of data from more than 20,000 veterans, researchers determined the effects of palliative care on suicide rates among veterans with advanced lung cancer.

Breast Cancer

Long-Term Survival Effect of PMRT in Locally Advanced Breast Cancer

[Cancer Management and Research] Retrospective study investigates the effect of radiotherapy on long-term survival in patients who underwent mastectomy for breast cancer at various time intervals.

General Oncology

Keep/Start/Stop Analysis in Nursing

This simple framework for communicating can be adapted to fit each situation, regardless of it being a nurse-to-patient or a nurse-to-nurse setting.

General Oncology

Fitness Wearables Are Finding a Place in Oncology Care

Wearable activity monitors offer oncology care teams an unbiased glimpse into patients' health behaviors and improved reports on performance status.

Journal Review

Chemotherapy Has Benefits With Midrange 21-Gene Assay Score

In a randomization of women with early-stage breast cancer, researchers explored the potential benefits of chemotherapy for women whose Oncotype DX RS was midrange.

General Oncology

Antioxidant Interaction With Cancer Therapy

What is the concern with antioxidants and chemotherapy or radiation?

Gastrointestinal Cancer

The Efficacy of High Pressure Oxygen Combined With Chemotherapy in Postoperative Patients With Advanced Gastric Cancer

[Translational Cancer Research] In this research, a combination of gastric cancer postoperative with hyperbaric oxygen therapy to explore the clinical application in postoperative chemotherapy for advanced gastric cancer.

Liver Cancer

Hepatocellular Cancer Pain: Impact and Management Challenges

[Journal of Hepatocellular Carcinoma] A review of the manifestations, treatments, and challenges associated with hepatocellular cancer pain.

From CancerCare

What Hope, Gratitude, and Spiritually Mean to Cancer Patients

A reflection on how these elements affect patients at the time of diagnosis, during their cancer journey, and how it can change their life in survivorship.

Lung Cancer

New PDL1 Inhibitors for NSCLC: Focus on Pembrolizumab

[OncoTargets and Therapy] Evidence increasingly suggests that pembrolizumab has a significant role in first- and second-line therapy for NSCLC. This review presents the results of previous and ongoing studies and discusses biomarkers that can potentially identify eligible candidates for treatment with the PD-L1 inhibitor.


Is Radioimmunotherapy a Path Forward for Melanoma?

Recent research implicates patients' immune cells appear to stimulate radiation abscopal effects, raising the possibility that combining radiotherapy and immunotherapy could yield previously-untapped treatment synergies to improve tumor control.

General Oncology

Handling Chemotherapy Premedications

Are there resources that outline if chemo premeds must be mixed in the laminar air flow hood?

Head and Neck Cancer

Updates on Clinical Diagnosis, Management of Ocular Sebaceous Carcinoma

[OncoTargets and Therapy] Disease specifics, demographics, clinical presentation, and pathology, plus diagnosis and management of ocular SC are highlighted and discussed, including recent advances in management of this aggressive malignancy.

Breast Cancer

Paget Disease of the Breast

This fact sheet reviews Paget disease of the breast symptoms, diagnosis, and treatments.

General Oncology

How Accurate Is the Information Your Cancer Patients Find Online?

Information patients find online can be a great concern for oncology nurses, especially when a diagnosis has an uncertain prognosis. In this follow-up study, researchers in Boston sought to determine the quality of the online resources patients with cancer, particularly pancreas, are finding.

Side-Effect Management

Hypnosis: Comparison of an Intervention’s Efficacy Across Patient Populations

Researchers sought to determine if men with prostate cancer would derive the same benefits from hypnosis as women with breast cancer. Their results highlight significant differences in what is helpful for men vs women.

Myeloproliferative Neoplasms

A Case Study on PV From Diagnosis Through Optimal Management

This case follows a 35-year-old man with polycythemia vera from presentation in the ED through initiating and modifying treatment with phlebotomy and hydroxyurea, and eventually achieving optimal management of symptoms and CBC with ruxolitinib.

General Oncology

Cancer Risk Assessment in Modern RT Workflow With Medical Big Data

[Cancer Management and Research] A review of the background and current challenges in 4 key areas of radiotherapy are presented, plus potential future options for creating safe and effective strategies in radiotherapy.

General Oncology

Reliable Information on Herbal Products

What are some helpful Internet resources for reliable information about herbal products?

Journal Review

Choosing an Effective, Efficient Lung Cancer Screening Model

Four of 9 lung cancer screening models were shown to effectively select the most appropriate candidates for low-dose CT lung cancer screening among US ever-smokers.


Fertility Preservation in Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Patients That Undergo Targeted Molecular Therapies

[Cancer Management and Research] A review of fertility complications induced by chemotherapy and radiotherapy, as well as possible treatment options for HL patients with fertility problems.

Breast Cancer

Choice of Postmastectomy Reconstruction Choice Affects Satisfaction, QOL

A prospective trial with more than 2000 women who underwent mastectomy with immediate breast reconstruction sought to determine patient satisfaction with their breasts and quality of life annually over 4 years after their procedure.

From CancerCare

The Caregivers’ Cancer Journey

This installment demonstrates how the caregiver's cancer journey often parallels that of the patient with cancer, highlighting their need for evolving support through survivorship.

Colorectal Cancer

Novel Quinazoline-Based Sulfonamide Derivative Induces Apoptosis in CRC

[OncoTargets and Therapy] Researchers investigated the anticancer effects of a novel sulfonamide derivative in the treatment of colorectal cancer.

Side-Effect Management

Staff Education Increases Oncology Rehabilitation Referrals

Educational intervention for oncology clinicians at a rural Michigan oncology clinic does not demonstrate a statistically significant increase in referrals to rehabilitation; however, results show a clinically significant improvement in identification of need, communication among staff, and potential for greater referrals.

General Oncology

Patient Fears of Placebos in Clinical Trials

What should be explained to patients regarding placebo use in controlled trials?

Liver Cancer

Unlocking Potential of T-Cell-Mediated Immunosurveillance

[Journal of Hepatocellular Carcinoma] In this case series, the authors present procedure and treatment specifics for 2 patients with HCV who developed HCC, and discuss the potential role of DAA therapy and immunosurveillance.

General Oncology

Beware Abbreviated Explanations That May Undermine Patient Communications

Have you ever thought about what is meant — or understood — when you say to a patient "It's going to be okay"? Hearing an exchange between her grandson and a pediatric nurse prompted Ann Brady to reflect on abbreviated communications.

General Oncology

Nurse as Patient Advocate: When My Patient Had No Clothes

Patient advocacy can lead nurses to take on great challenges in the course of caring for their patients or to brave the elements to retrieve replacements for a patient's missing clothes.

General Oncology

Oral Contraceptives and Cancer Risk (Fact Sheet)

This fact sheet examines the possible cancer risks and also possible protective benefits associated with the use of oral contraceptives.

Navigator Notes

Management of Thoracic Metastasis in Breast Cancer

[Cancer Management and Research] An investigation into the efficacy of microwave ablation and minimally invasive open decompression treatment for breast cancer with thoracic metastases.

Navigator Notes

Younger Patients, Higher Costs: The Changing Demographics of Cancer

This overview provides a snapshot of the shift in cancer care costs and age of patients, reviewing the 4 most commonly diagnosed cancers.

Journal Review

USPSTF Updates Guidelines for PSA-Based Screening in Older Men

In updating its 2012 recommendations, the US Preventive Services Task Force changes its stance on PSA-based screening for prostate cancer in men older than 50. The new guidelines advocate for a patient-physician discussion of the benefits of testing vs the potential harms.


Prognostic Factors for Survival Among Patients With Primary Bone Sarcomas of Small Bones

[Cancer Management and Research] The prognostic values of overall survival and cancer-specific survival for bone sarcomas of the hands or feet were assessed using Cox proportional hazards regression model with univariate and multivariate analyses.

General Oncology

Exercise Habits Influence Mortality in Adult Survivors of Childhood Cancer

A multinational retrospective study investigated the long term effects of exercise intensity and frequency on all-cause and cause-specific mortality among adult survivors of childhood cancers.

General Oncology

Drug Classification of Trastuzumab

Is trastuzumab classified as an immunotherapy? If so, how does it work?


Andrographolide Potentiates Effect of Topotecan in AML Cells

[Cancer Management and Research] In this study, researchers explored the potential of andrographolide and topotecan, separately and together, in the in vitro treatment of the U937 acute myeloid leukemic cell line.

From CancerCare

Disparities to Disclosure: Lesbians and Breast Cancer

Marissa Fors, director of CancerCare's Susan G. Komen® Breast Care Helpline, talked with Dr Penelope Damaskos, of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, about breast cancer risk and related challenges for women who identify as lesbian and their healthcare providers.

Ovarian Cancer

Are Ovarian Cancer Stem Cells the Target for Innovative Immunotherapy?

[OncoTargets and Therapy] In a review of cancer stem cells (CSCs)/ovarian cancer stem cells (OCSCs), researchers discuss the implications of immunotherapy development based on studying cancer evolution by CSCs, and targeting OCSC surface markers to develop CAR-T immunotherapy.

General Oncology

Capecitabine Tolerance of EU vs US Patients

Why are European patients better able to tolerate high doses of capecitabine than US patients?

Side-Effect Management

ARIE: A Common, Debilitating Clinical Challenge in Thoracic Radiotherapy

A review of current options and ongoing trials for managing ARIE, a common esophageal adverse effect caused by radiotherapy to the thoracic region for lung, breast, or head and neck cancers, or lymphoma.

General Oncology

Cancer in Children and Adolescents (Fact Sheet)

This fact sheet reviews cancer in adolescents and children, including possible causes, treatment, and the general outlook for childhood cancers.

General Oncology

Bedside Intervention Improves Pain, Anxiety, Mood in Hospitalized Cancer Patients

Results from a study on an innovative program from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, demonstrates the potential positive effects of providing hospitalized patients with brief one-on-one art lessons.

Lung Cancer

Metastatic NSCLC Response to Rapamycin Analogs, Not PD-1 Inhibitors

[Lung Cancer: Targets and Therapy] This case study demonstrates that genomic profiling may still benefit patients who fail checkpoint inhibitor therapy despite having high tumor mutational burden and PD-L1 positivity.

General Oncology

Unprotected Sex After Chemotherapy

How long after receiving chemotherapy should patients wait to have unprotected sex?

Lung Cancer

Treatment Modalities for Brain Metastasis of EGFR-Mutant NSCLC

[OncoTargets and Therapy] Management of brain metastases in patients with EGFR-mutant NSCLC is controversial. In this study, researchers find combination and sequential treatment with EGFR-TKIs, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy is beneficial.

General Oncology

Avoiding the ED: Planned Strategies for Unplanned Urgent Cancer Care

Results of a literature review highlighted 5 strategies for improving the management of urgent care situations in patients with cancer.

Journal Review

Improving Counseling About Skin Cancer Risks

A new US Preventive Services Task Force Evidence Report is suggesting that greater efforts are needed to educate children and young adults with fair skin about risks of sun exposure. Although the Task Force recommendations are directed at primary care, its members are encouraging oncology nurses to take note of these new findings.

Navigator Notes

Roles of ONNs, OSWs on Cancer Care Team

Please clarify the role and responsibilities of oncology nurse navigators (ONNs) vs those of the oncology social workers (OSWs).

Lung Cancer

Role, Inhibition of GLI1 Protein in Cancer

[Lung Cancer: Targets and Therapy] Italian researchers report on the role of GLI1 in the development of lung cancer, and review its potential as an effective therapy for lung cancer.

General Oncology

New Pharmacy Regulations

What impact do the new pharmacy regulations (USP) have on nursing staff?

Breast Cancer

A Review of HER2-Positive Breast Cancer

A review of HER2-positive breast cancer, including etiology, diagnosis, and treatments.


Management on R/R Marginal Zone Lymphoma: Focus on Ibrutinib

[Cancer Management and Research] A review of marginal zone lymphomas, a common and varied group of hematologic malignancies, and their treatment, with a focus on the Bruton's tyrosine kinase ibrutinib.

Oncology Nursing

Mitomycin Extravasation Protocol

What is the protocol for extravasation of Mitomycin C?

General Oncology

An Unusual Lesson on Informing a Shared Decision

The use of a contractor to make home repairs offers an interesting analogy to the shared decision-making experience.

Prostate Cancer

SDM Discussions Still Lacking in Prostate Cancer

A review of shared decision making with men about undergoing PSA testing revealed that although full SDM discussions are increasing, variations in whether these discussions occur and how much information is shared still exist.

Colorectal Cancer

Treatment Options for BRAF-Mutant Colorectal Cancer

[Gastrointestinal Cancer: Targets and Therapy] This review presents the most up-to-date molecular, clinical, and therapeutic data, including an overview of a current phase 3 study assessing the efficacy of simultaneous BRAF, EGFR, and MEK inhibition among patients with BRAFV600E-mutant CRC.

Journal Review

Venetoclax Effective in Relapsed/Refractory CLL

A group of Australian researchers report study findings that demonstrate a significant improvement in PFS in patients with relapsed/refractory CLL treated with venetoclax plus rituximab compared with the standard care.

Side-Effect Management

Evidence-Based Practices, No CLABSIs Achieved Through Quality Improvement

Faced with an increasing CLABSI rate on their oncology unit, nurse leaders at this rural Northwest hospital surveyed their staff to identify the changes they needed to make. Implementing those changes resulted in a dramatic improvement in patient care outcomes.

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