Parabens in Cosmetics: What Is the Connection to Cancer?

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Parabens are preservatives that are added to cosmetic products to prevent microbial growth, which commonly occurs after the package is opened and the consumer starts to use the product. Current studies indicate that the levels of parabens used in cosmetics are safe (typical levels are 0.1% to 0.3%); however, many believe a relationship to cancer exists, particularly breast cancer. The furor came about after a 2004 study reported finding parabens in the breast tissue of 20 women. The finding was inconclusive for two reasons. First, the researchers did not examine noncancerous breast tissue for parabens, so they cannot say that its presence had any relationship to the presence of cancer. Second, they authors were not able to prove that the cancer was caused by the parabens. Unfortunately, misinterpretation and passing on of misinformation has resulted in the connection between parabens and cancer becoming a controversial hot topic. But is there a danger to parabens in our cosmetics? Scientific data shows that parabens are safe. Furthermore, the researchers of that 2004 study admit that they cannot link parabens to cancer, further study is needed.

Parabens in Cosmetics: What Is the Connection to Cancer?
Parabens in Cosmetics: What Is the Connection to Cancer?
Parabens can be found occuring naturally in blueberries, grapes, and other foods we eat. ( Image source I know this is not the English"parabens" but "parabéns", the Portuguese word for "congratulations", but I thought the meaning was quite amusing in English anyway. ( Image source
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