Benign prostatic hyperplasia/urinary retention:

Indications for: URECHOLINE

Post-op and post-partum nonobstructive urinary retention and retentive neurogenic urinary atony.

Adult Dosage:

Take on empty stomach. Initially 5–10mg every hour until effective or max 50mg, then 10–50mg 3–4 times daily.

Children Dosage:

Not recommended.

URECHOLINE Contraindications:

Hyperthyroidism. Peptic ulcer. Asthma. Bradycardia. Hypotension. Vasomotor instability. Coronary artery disease. Epilepsy. Parkinsonism. Obstructive uropathies. Questionable GI or bladder integrity. Obstructive, spastic, inflammatory GI disorders. Vagotonia. Peritonitis. When increased GI or bladder muscle activity may be harmful.

URECHOLINE Warnings/Precautions:

Reflux urinary infection. Pregnancy (Cat.C). Nursing mothers: not recommended.

URECHOLINE Classification:


URECHOLINE Interactions:

Severe abdominal symptoms and hypotension with ganglionic blockers.

Adverse Reactions:

Cholinergic effects, GI upset, asthma, headache, facial flushing, malaise, orthostatic hypotension.

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