Constipation and bowel cleansers:

Indications for: SENNAPROMPT

Occasional constipation.

Adult Dosage:

Take with at least 8oz fluids. Five capsules once or twice daily.

Children Dosage:

Not recommended.

SENNAPROMPT Contraindications:

Signs/symptoms of appendicitis. Intestinal obstruction. Fecal impaction.

SENNAPROMPT Warnings/Precautions:

Dysphagia. Rectal bleeding. Esophageal narrowing. Pregnancy: not recommended.

SENNAPROMPT Classification:

Bulk-forming + stimulant.

SENNAPROMPT Interactions:

Separate dosing by at least 2 hours from other medications.

Adverse Reactions:

Esophageal, gastric, enteral, rectal obstruction, laxative dependence.

How Supplied: