• Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction:

Indications for MUSE:

Erectile dysfunction.


Supervise titration. Initially 125–250mcg inserted in urethra after urination; adjust dose in stepwise manner on separate occasions; max 2 supps/day.


Not recommended.


Urethral stricture. Balanitis. Severe hypospadias and curvature. Acute or chronic urethritis. Predisposition to venous thrombosis (eg, sickle cell anemia or trait). Hyperviscosity syndrome. Patients for whom sexual activity is inadvisable or contraindicated. If partner is pregnant, use condom; if partner is of childbearing age, use contraception.


Exclude reversible causes. Hypotension. Bleeding disorders. Priapism. Pregnancy (Cat.C): see Contraindications.

Pharmacologic Class:



Effect attenuated by drugs that interfere with erectile function (eg, decongestants). Caution with anticoagulants.

Adverse Reactions:

Penile, urethral, or testicular pain, urethral burning, minor urethral bleeding/spotting, dizziness, hypotension, flu symptoms, rhinitis, others. Infrequent: priapism. Partners: vaginal burning/itching.

How Supplied:

Urethral supps—6

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