Leukemias, lymphomas, and other hematologic cancers:

Indications for: MARQIBO

Philadelphia chromosome-negative (Ph–) acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) in second or greater relapse or has progressed following ≥2 anti-leukemia therapies.

Adult Dosage:

Give 2.25mg/m2 IV over 1hr once every 7 days. Dose modifications for peripheral neuropathy: see full labeling.

Children Dosage:

Not established.

MARQIBO Contraindications:

Demyelinating conditions, including Charcot-Marie-Tooth syndrome. Intrathecal administration (death has occurred).

Boxed Warning:

For IV use only; fatal if given by other routes. Marqibo has different dosage recommendations than vincristine sulfate injection; verify drug name and dose prior to administration.

MARQIBO Warnings/Precautions:

For IV use only; fatal if given by other routes. Discontinue and treat if extravasation is suspected. Preexisting neuromuscular disorders. Monitor for symptoms of neuropathy before and during therapy; if occurs or worsens, delay, reduce or discontinue dose. Monitor CBCs prior to each dose; if Grade 3 or 4 myelosuppression develops, consider dose delay or reduction. Monitor for tumor lysis syndrome; manage if occurs. Institute a prophylactic bowel regimen to mitigate potential constipation, bowel obstruction, and paralytic ileus; consider dietary fiber intake, hydration, stool softeners. Monitor liver function tests; if hepatotoxicity occurs, reduce or interrupt dosing. Elderly. Embryo-fetal toxicity. Advise to use effective contraception during and for 6 months (females of reproductive potential) or for 3 months (males w. female partners) after the last dose. Pregnancy: exclude status prior to initiation. Nursing mothers: not recommended (during and for ≥1 week after the last dose).

MARQIBO Classification:

Vinca alkaloid.

MARQIBO Interactions:

Drugs known to interact with non-liposomal vincristine sulfate (eg, phenytoin: increased seizure risk). Avoid concomitant strong CYP3A inhibitors or strong CYP3A4 inducers. Avoid concomitant P-gp inhibitors or inducers.

Adverse Reactions:

Constipation, nausea, pyrexia, fatigue (may be severe; adjust dose or discontinue), peripheral neuropathy, febrile neutropenia, diarrhea, anemia, decreased appetite, insomnia.

Generic Drug Availability:


How Supplied:

Kit—1 (vials + supplies)