Bone disorders:

Indications for: ATELVIA

Treatment of postmenopausal osteoporosis.

Limitations of Use:

Optimal duration of use has not been determined. For patients at low-risk for fracture, consider drug discontinuation after 3–5yrs.

Adult Dosage:

Swallow whole; take in the AM with a full glass (4oz) plain (not mineral) water immediately after breakfast; take in upright position; do not lie down for at least 30min afterwards. 35mg once weekly.

Children Dosage:

Not recommended.

ATELVIA Contraindications:

Esophagus abnormalities which delay esophageal emptying (eg, stricture, achalasia). Inability to stand or sit upright for at least 30mins. Hypocalcemia.

ATELVIA Warnings/Precautions:

Active upper GI disease; discontinue and reevaluate if signs/symptoms of esophageal reaction occur. Severe renal impairment (CrCl <30mL/min): not recommended. Correct preexisting hypocalcemia, other mineral or bone disturbances before starting. Ensure adequate Vit. D and calcium intake. Risk of osteonecrosis of the jaw; consider discontinuing therapy during invasive dental procedures (eg, tooth extraction, implants, surgery). History of bisphosphonate exposure: evaluate for atypical fractures if thigh/groin pain develops; consider withholding therapy until risk/benefit assessment. Reevaluate periodically. Pregnancy: discontinue therapy if recognized. Nursing mothers.

ATELVIA Classification:


ATELVIA Interactions:

Concomitant H2-blockers, PPIs, or other risedronate-containing products (eg, Actonel): not recommended. Calcium or magnesium-based supplements, antacids, laxatives, or iron preparations reduce absorption (separate dosing). Caution with aspirin, NSAIDs, other GI irritants. May interfere with bone-imaging agents.

Adverse Reactions:

Diarrhea, influenza, arthralgia, back pain, abdominal pain; atypical femur fractures, esophageal reactions, hypocalcemia; rare: jaw osteonecrosis, hypersensitivity (eg, angioedema, Stevens-Johnson), eye inflammation.

Drug Elimination:

Renal. Half-life: 561 hours.

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How Supplied: