Breast Positioning during Mammography

  • Figure 1

    Figure 1

    An ideal CC view with retromammary space and pectoralis muscle (arrows). Visualization of pectoralis muscle on CC view implies that no breast tissue along the chest wall has been excluded.

  • Figure 2

    Figure 2

    Position of the nipple (A) in profile, (B) pointing medially, and (C) pointing laterally.

  • Figure 3

    Figure 3

    Pectoralis–nipple line on (A) CC view and (B) MLO view.

  • Figure 4

    Figure 4

    An ideal MLO view (i) nipple in profile, (ii) pectoralis muscle margin well visualized, (iii) edge of pectoralis muscle below the level of PNL, and (iv) inframammary angle (arrow).

  • Figure 5

    Figure 5

    Bilateral MLO: pectoralis muscle forming “V,” when viewed as mirror images.

  • Figure 6

    Figure 6

    MLO mistakes: (A) nipple not in profile, (B) pectoralis muscle not seen, (C) edge of pectoralis muscle ill-defined, (D) lower edge of pectoralis above PNL line, (E) poor lower quad. coverage, and (F) inframammary fold not visualized.

  • Figure 7

    Figure 7

    Imaging mistakes on an MLO view due to compromised positioning (i) nipple not in profile, (ii) edge of pectoralis muscle not well defined, (iii) no formation of “V,” (iv) inframammary fold not seen.

  • Figure 8

    Figure 8

    (A) A well-defined lesion seen on CC view. Not well appreciated on an MLO view and (B) a cystic space occupying lesion seen on ultrasound.

  • Figure 9

    Figure 9

    MLO view: (A) a doubtful lesion seen and (B) spot compression with magnification shows normal parenchyma.

  • Figure 10

    Figure 10

    Rolled on nipple appearing as a space occupying lesion on an MLO view of the right breast. Ultrasound breast was normal.

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Slideshow reviews common breast positioning errors during imaging. To accompany the Publisher's Alliance article "Breast Positioning during Mammography: Mistakes to be Avoided."

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