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Hormone loss could be involved in colon cancer

Evidence now suggests that human colon cells may become cancerous when they lose the ability to produce a specific hormone. For patients with colon cancer, replacing the hormone guanylin might prevent cancer development.

Fertility preservation research project seeks to serve young boys with cancer

Young men who have a high risk of becoming sterile the option to bank a small piece of testicular tissue prior to cancer treatment.

Factors contributing to pancreatic cancer identified

New research that provides a better understanding of pancreatic cancer may help identify those people at increased risk.

Education program helps with side effects of ovary removal for cancer prevention

Many women are having ovary-removing surgery as a cancer prevention measure, but many are often unaware of the possible side effects of the procedure.

Blocking STAT3 may increase antitumor immune response

Blocking STAT3 in cells of the immune system actually leads to increased antitumor immunity, according to new research.

Studies find cancer medicines may cure facilities' bottom line as well as patients' cancer

Studies examined oral cancer drug spending and the effectiveness of the federal 340B program.

Adopting multiple healthy behaviors reduces risk of colorectal cancer

Adoption of five key healthy behaviors is linked with a reduction in the risk of developing bowel cancer.

Access to minimally invasive colon cancer surgery varies by location

A patient's location may factor into whether they receive minimally invasive colon cancer surgery.

Dramatic response and resistance to cancer drug traced to unsuspected mutations

Examination of the DNA of a thyroid cancer survivor has revealed details about resistance to the drug everolimus, according to researchers.

New treatment for retinoblastoma expected to save more eyes from cancer

A new technique to treat retinoblastoma may help prevent eye loss, blindness, or death in children with advanced forms of the disease.

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