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Post-treatment surveillance linked to improved survival in head and neck squamous cell cancer (HNSCC)

Adherence to posttreatment surveillance, income level, and follow-up care proximity had effects on survival in patients with head and neck squamous cell cancer (HNSCC), according to a recent report.

Moderate exercise may make cancer treatments more effective

Moderate exercise on a regular basis enhances tumor oxygenation, which may in turn improve treatment efficacy for cancer patients.

Combined radiation and hormone therapy improves survival in node-positive prostate cancer

Men with prostate cancer that has spread to nearby lymph nodes may find the addition of radiation therapy to treatments that block the effects of testosterone beneficial.

Tomosynthesis detects more breast cancer in screening

Tomosynthesis detects 40% more breast cancers than traditional mammography does, according to a major screening study.

Cancer scan could remove need for radiotherapy in cured patients

PET scan usage for patients with early stage Hodgkin lymphoma could potentially help them avoid unneeded radiotherapy.

BRCA-targeting drug has benefit in prostate cancer

Trials results indicate that the pioneering drug olaparib, which targets inherited mutations, can be beneficial for men with prostate cancer.

New screening technique could identify ovarian cancer in twice as many women

A new screening method utilizing protein analysis can detect ovarian cancer in twice as many women as conventional strategies, according to the latest trial results.

More detailed findings confirm that coffee protects against breast cancer recurrence

More detailed findings confirm that coffee protects against breast cancer recurrence

For women with breast cancer using the drug tamoxifen, coffee appears to both inhibit tumor growth and reduce recurrence.

Cancer detection rate in dense breast tissue dramatically improved with tomosynthesis

Digital breast tomosynthesis increases the rate of cancer detection in women with dense breast tissue by as much as 67%, according to research.

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