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Molecular subtyping can improve breast cancer treatment

The BluePrint genomic test provides more accurate information about the molecular subtype of a specific breast cancer, compared with the use of conventional IHC-FISH pathology tests, according to a new study.

'Overdiagnosis' in breast cancer screening is still not understood

One-third of women who are given information about the potential for over-diagnosis through the National Health Services (NHS) breast screening program may not completely understand the risks involved.

Lifestyle and genetics strongly impact biomarkers for inflammation and cancer

Genetics and lifestyle influence protein levels in the bloodstream, and this discovery greatly influences the possibilities for using more biomarkers to identify disease.

Irinotecan promising in some patients with stage III colon cancer

A subset of patients with stage III colon cancer had improved survival rates when treated with irinotecan-based therapy, according to recent research.

Genetic sequence of rare kidney cancer reveals unique alterations involving telomerase

An international scientific collaboration has revealed clues about genetic alterations that may contribute to a rare form of kidney cancer, providing new insights not only into this rare cancer but other types as well.

Double mastectomy rates are up, but survival is not improved

The percentage of women that underwent a double mastectomy increased substantially between 1998 and 2011, even though the procedure was not associated with a lower risk of death than breast-conserving surgery plus radiation.

Women with severe, chronic health issues undergo breast cancer screening less often

Women with severe disabilities and multiple chronic conditions are screened for breast cancer less often than women with no disabilities or no chronic conditions.

Robotic surgery for prostate cancer is widespread in the United States

There has been widespread adoption in the United States of robot-assisted prostatectomy to treat prostate cancer in recent years.

Weekend hospitalization linked to longer stays for pediatric patients with leukemia

Weekend hospital admission for pediatric patients with newly diagnosed leukemia is associated with a longer length of stay, slightly longer wait to start chemotherapy, and higher risk for respiratory failure.

Integrated approach to pinpoint genetic drivers of cancer uncovers viable targets for breast cancer therapy

Researchers have developed a new integrated approach to identify the genetic drivers of cancer, uncovering eight genes necessary for cell proliferation in breast cancer.

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