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mHealth app assesses breast cancer risk and aids prevention

An evaluation of this mobile health app found easy to use for diverse, low-income women.

Fitness level associated with lower risk of some cancers and death in men

A higher fitness level leads to decreased risk of lung and colorectal cancer for men.

Are decisions on treatment choices for prostate cancer shared by doctor and patient?

Truly shared decision-making is possible only when the patient understands everything the treatment options entail, and the doctor understands the patient's personal situation and desires.

Strategies improve colorectal screening rates in low-income and minority populations

A recent study examined why individuals do not always follow through with colorectal cancer screening.

Prices of cancer drugs have soared since 1995

Prices of cancer drugs have soared since 1995

The prices of leading cancer drugs have risen at rates far outstripping inflation over the last two decades, according to new study data.

Macrophages may play critical role in melanoma resistance to BRAF inhibitors

Investigators have discovered one way in which melanoma becomes resistant to a particular form of targeted therapy, a discovery that may lead to a new melanoma target or prompt new designs for treatment.

The switch that might tame the most aggressive of breast cancers

Researchers have learned more about breast cancer, including identification of a gene that drives the aggressive disease.

Research aims to reduce health care disparities

The LGBTQI community experience health disparities due to reduced access to health care and insurance, coupled with an elevated risk for multiple types of cancer compared with non-LGBTQI populations, according to recent research.

MRI detection of sugar molecules on cells may enable distinction of cancer vs noncancerous cells

Study data suggests that magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) could one day make biopsies more effective, or even replace them altogether, via noninvasive detection of telltale sugar molecules shed by the outer membranes of cancerous cells.

International study suggests precision medicine has potential in adrenal cancer

Adrenal cancer is among the more rare and aggressive forms of cancer, but new research indicates the possibility of personalized treatment.

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