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Thymic carcinoma recurrence can be determined with existing uterine cervix pathology test

An existing antibody cocktail commonly used for pathology tests of the uterine cervix can be used to test for recurrent cancer.

Existing drug extends survival for patients with rare thymic carcinoma

Sunitinib, an agent approved for use in several cancers, could prove useful in treatment of thymic carcinoma when traditional chemotherapy fails.

Coupling head and neck screening with lung cancer screening could improve survival

The addition of head and neck cancer screenings to regular lung cancer screenings could improve early detection and survival, according to published research.

Study examines vaccine therapy in prostate cancer with rising prostate-specific antigen (PSA) levels

A vaccine therapy designed to boost the body's immune response may join available early treatment options for prostate cancer.

Nutrition education may help prevent breast cancer recurrence

Providing nutrition education to patients with breast cancer could be beneficial for patients and may help to prevent recurrence of their cancer, according to new research.

Animal-assisted therapy benefits adult cancer patients

The first clinical study documenting the benefits of animal-assisted therapy in adult cancer patients has yielded evidence that therapy dogs are indeed beneficial for some cancer patients.

Higher vitamin D levels associated with markedly improved survival in advanced colorectal cancer

Higher vitamin D levels associated with markedly improved survival in advanced colorectal cancer

Patients in a a phase III study with higher vitamin D levels demonstrated better outcomes after treatment for their colorectal cancer with chemotherapy and targeted therapy.

Combination therapy can reduce chance of recurrence from small HER2+ breast tumors

Women with stage 1 HER2-positive breast tumors who received a combination of lower-intensity chemotherapy and a targeted drug following surgery were unlikely to suffer cancer recurrence within 3 years of treatment.

Researchers map paths to cancer drug resistance

The researchers have mapped the steps used by cells of melanoma, breast cancer, and the blood cancer myelofibrosis to become resistant to drugs, allowing for better success in blocking these pathways and further enabling therapies.

Radiation plus hormone therapy prolongs survival for older men with prostate cancer

The addition of radiation treatment to hormone therapy reduced more cancer deaths among older men locally advanced prostate cancer, compared to hormone therapy alone.

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