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New Therapy Holds Promise for Patients With Ewing Sarcoma

Two new compounds suppress tumor growth in cell culture and mouse xenograft models of Ewing sarcoma, a rare pediatric cancer. These 2 compounds are similar to mithramycin, also known as picamycin, a drug no longer manufactured due to its toxicity.

Studies Demonstrate Clinical Advantages of Proton Therapy

Studies Demonstrate Clinical Advantages of Proton Therapy

The search for evidence to support the growing use of proton therapy for more cancers continues to uncover valuable findings. New data from clinical trials demonstrate the potential advantages of proton therapy over conventional radiation for pancreatic cancer, late-stage non-small cell lung cancer, chordoma, and chondrosarcoma.

Gene Signature May Predict Survival Outcomes for Some Children With Rhabdomyosarcoma

Among children with intermediate-risk rhabdomyosarcoma that is negative for a fusion gene, those who had a high score of the specific gene signature MG5 had poorer survival outcomes compared with those who had a low score of MG5.

FDA Approves Trabectedin for Metastatic or Unresectable Soft Tissue Sarcoma

FDA Approves Trabectedin for Metastatic or Unresectable Soft Tissue Sarcoma

The FDA has approved trabectedin (Yondelis) for treatment of unresectable or metastatic soft tissue sarcoma.

Trabectedin Confers Long-Term Efficacy in Soft Tissue Sarcoma

A large prospective postcommercialization study in patients with advanced STS in Europe confirmed the long-term anticancer activity of trabectedin (Yondelis) in different subtypes of sarcoma.

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