Coverage from ONS Connections 2012

ONS Connections: Reliable biomarker for central nervous system tissue injury during pediatric leukemia treatment

During the post-induction phase of treatment for childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), F2 isoprostanes significantly increase, allowing central nervous system (CNS) tissue injury to be monitored.

ONS Connections: School-age childhood cancer patients are resilient to fatigue during chemotherapy

Over the trajectory of chemotherapy treatment, school-age children appear to develop resilience to fatigue.

ONS Connections: Pediatric vincristine-induced peripheral neuropathy reliably and validly assessed

A composite measure assessed peripheral neuropathy induced by vincristine reliably and with validity.

ONS Connections: Ostomy risk factors and complications predicted by two instruments

Two new instruments are valid and reliable in identifying risk factors and ostomy complications.

ONS Connections: Participatory nutrition education effective for patients with gastrectomy

A nutritional education program for patients with gastrectomy improved knowledge, oral intake, adherence to diet guidelines, and patient satisfaction compared with patients who received usual nutrition education.

ONS Connections: Decreased sexual interest most common persistent and bothersome symptom in breast cancer survivors

Breast cancer survivors reported that decreased sexual interest was the symptom causing the most significant bother.

ONS Connections: Computer-tailored intervention increases colon cancer screening in low-income black patients

A computer-tailored intervention was more effective than a brochure at increasing the completion of fecal occult blood tests and moving low-income black patients toward action.

ONS Connections: Pretreatment depression, anxiety, and poor physical functioning associated with non-adherence to hormonal therapy in breast cancer patients

Taking a lower percentage of prescribed doses of hormonal therapy was associated with higher pre-therapy levels of depression and anxiety and with poorer physical functioning.

ONS Connections: Evidence-based nursing has gaps in belief and implementation

Gaps in evidence-based practice exist, even within an oncology nursing workforce that is well-educated and experienced.

ONS Connections: Comprehensive oncology pathways improve patient outcomes

Adopting oncology pathways within the practice setting of oncology nurses has the potential to improve patient outcomes and quality of life.

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