October 2010 Issue of ONA

October 2010 Issue of ONA

October 2010 issue

In the News

Nurses' concern for infections grows

Oncology nurses are concerned about the growing number of invasive fungal infections among their cancer patients, according to a recent report.

Chemoradiotherapy may serve as curative treatment for cervical cancer

Chemoradiotherapy improves survival in patients with locally advanced cervical cancer compared to treatment with radiotherapy alone.

Zoledronic acid effective for multiple myeloma

Zoledronic acid is more effect than clodronate at treating patients with newly diagnosed multiple myeloma and improves survival.

Integrative Oncology

Integrative oncology—October 2010

The author introduces The Annie Appleseed Project and previews its upcoming annual meeting.

Case Study

Improved quality of life is achieved through successful communication

An individualized plan of care that kept the patient's dementia in mind helped to produce an excellent outcome for this elderly patient.


Computer-aided detection gains popularity for use in screening and diagnostic mammography

Radiologists have increased their use of computer-aided detection (CAD) in screening and diagnostic mammography, according to a study published in the Journal of the American ...

Advisor Forum

Oncology Nurse Advisor Forum - October 2010

The forum answers questions about the effects of pectin and administering chemotherapy with no blood return.


Disease-specific advance care planning: Conversations emphasize patient preferences and provide clarity

When planning for end-of-life care, disease-specific advance care planning delivers greater patient satisfaction and clarity about preferences.

Neoplastic meningitis: Keeping palliative care options open

Prognosis is not good, but many patients still seek treatment, equating prolonged neurologic function with better quality of life.

Compassion fatigue in oncology nursing: A witness to suffering

The ability to recognize the symptoms and manage the consequences are critical to personal and professional health.

Issues in Cancer Survivorship

Accessing information, staying in touch, finding helpful resources: Social media for cancer survivors

Social media is not just about Facebook anymore. Now, it's also about surviving cancer.

Stat Consult

Zoledronic acid (zoledronate, Zometa)

Zoledronic acid is a third-generation bisphosphonate prescribed to reduce pain from bony metastases, treat hypercalcemia of malignancy, and manage osteolytic lesions in multiple myeloma.

Radiation and Your Patient

New guidelines from ASTRO for whole breast irradiation

WBI hypofractionation is as effective as conventional radiation therapy regimens for some patients with early-stage breast cancer.

Communication Challenges

Debriefing: How we process our experiences with patients

In a case like Susie's, nurses wonder if there was a way to change not the outcome, but the way she died.

From Cancer Care

Collaborative care plans for posttreatment cancer survivors

Collaboration between the patient and health care provider about a posttreatment care plan can improve the patient's quality of life.

Ask a Pharmacist

Timing of Neulasta and preventing opioid-induced constipation

This month's questions: Giving Neulasta on the day of chemotherapy and strategies for managing opioid induced constipation.

The Total Patient

"Letting go," and why it's so hard to do: Atul Gawande explores the challenges of end-of-life care

Harvard's Atul Gawande writes on the issue of palliative care versus technological intervention during the end-of-life experience.


A human touch can have lasting effects

Past and present come together when, after 20 years, the wfie of a former patient contacts the author with a special request.

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