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Preventing Catheter-Associated UTIs Goal of Comprehensive Education Program

An initiative to prevent catheter-associated urinary tract infections provided the nursing staff with the best evidence for the care of the oncology patient with an indwelling urinary catheter, found research presented at the ONS 38th Annual Congress.

High Dose Cytarabine Neurological Assessment Guide Streamlines Symptom Documentation

A neurological assessment guide has helped nurses to assess and document the use of high-dose cytarabine, according to research presented at the ONS 38th Annual Congress.

Oral Electrolyte Replacement as Effective as IV Replacement in Adult Oncology Population

Oral electrolyte replacement is as effective as intravenous replacement in the adult oncology population, research presented at the ONS 38th Annual Congress has shown.

MuGard™ Use Reduces Oral Mucositis in Patients Receiving Head and Neck Radiation Therapy

Preventative MuGard, a mucoadhesive oral protectant, reduces oral mucositis and weight loss, lessening the need for narcotic use in patients undergoing head and neck radiation therapy, found research presented at the ONS 38th Annual Congress.

Oral Chemotherapy Protocol Increases Documentation of Patient Education, Adherence

An Oral Chemotherapy Nursing Practice Protocol increases documentation of patient education, follow-up calls and early symptom assessment, and adherence monitoring, found research presented at the ONS 38th Annual Congress.

Identifying 'Probable' Sources of Nosocomial Infections on a BMT ICU Point to Areas Needing Cleaning

An intervention that studied areas of a hospital that were contaminated helped to reduce the number of bacterial colonies on that floor, hopefully reducing the number of nosocomial infections, according to research presented at the ONS 38th Annual Congress.

Oncology Nursing Tools Help Assess, Manage Hand-Foot Syndrome in Pilot Study of Topical Sildenafil

Topical 1% sildenafil cream is well-tolerated, feasible to administer, and may help mitigate hand-foot syndrome, found research presented at the 38th ONS Annual Congress.

Neurologic Assessment Tool Reduces Likelihood of Toxicity from High-dose Cytosine Arabinoside

A neurologic assessment tool resulted in holding the dose of cytosine arabinoside for three separate patients, with no significant neurologic, cerebellar toxicity observed, found research presented at the ONS 38th Annual Congress.

"4MAT" System Promotes Patient Adherence to ONS PEP Radiation Dermatitis Guidelines

"4MAT" education can help individualize and optimize patient use of an evidence-based skin care protocol based on the ONS Putting Evidence into Practice guidelines for radiation dermatitis, found research presented at the ONS 38th Annual Congress.

High-Fidelity Simulation Safely Teaches Chemotherapy Administration

High-fidelity simulation as a teaching modality for a chemotherapy administration practicum is safe and effective, readily accepted, and helps bridge the transition to the clinical environment, found research presented at the 38th ONS Annual Congress.

SABCS: Chemo combo aids triple-negative breast cancer

Two studies show increase in pathologic complete response with pre-op chemotherapy combinations.

SABCS: Drug decreases breast cancer risk in high-risk women

Anastrozole reduces breast cancer risk by about half with few side effects, according to a study presented at the annual San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium.

SABCS: Radiotherapy may be avoided in some breast cancers

Radiotherapy has no benefit for some older women after surgery, and hormone treatment after surgery may provide a radiation alternative.

SABCS: Mammography benefit disparities reviewed

Apparent disparities between different reviews on the benefit of mammography screening on breast cancer mortality are mainly due to different denominators.

SABCS: Dual HER2 blockade in breast cancer examined

For human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2)-positive tumors, the combination of lapatinib and trastuzumab is better than either therapy alone, according to a study.

Identifying symptom patterns can predict variations over time in oropharyngeal and laryngeal cancers

Visual graphical analysis can help predict the way individual patients will experience side effects of treatment over time by identifying patterns.

Bedside handoffs transform nursing shift changes into relationship-based care

Patient handoffs conducted at bedside support the principles of relationship-based care and benefits both nurses and patients.

Visual graphical analysis helps track symptom clusters in lung cancer survivors

VGA can help track individual symptom patterns and improve management of symptom clusters in lung cancer patients.

An interdisciplinary collaboration updates clinical practice guidelines for mucositis

A systematic evaluation of the literature produced updated evidence-based clinical practice guidelines for preventing and treating mucositis.

In patients with an ICP/ICD, multidisciplinary approach with frequent assessments heightens safety during radiation

An approach focusing on patient education and assessments by a multidisciplinary team improved safety in patients with a pacemaker device.

Psychosocial distress screening program can improve outcomes in cancer patients

A screening program put together by a multidisciplinary team was effective at measuring and reducing distress among cancer patients.

Double lock EHR storage can effectively protect donor information

Electronic medical records that employ a "double lock" technique can help free up storage and increase nursing productivity without sacrificing privacy.

Nilotinib superior to imatinib in older patients with CML in chronic phase

Nilotinib had superior safety and efficacy over imatinib in these patients.

MediPort nurse program increases patient satisfaction

Drawing blood and administering chemotherapy using a MediPort device eliminates the number of needle sticks and increases patient satisfaction.

An electronic evidence-based documentation tool can help improve patient outcomes

Nurses can improve their documentation of care they provide by using an electronic tool.

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