ASH 2011 Conference Coverage

Study makes a case for wider gene testing in patients with colorectal cancer

Wider testing for known cancer genes in patients with colorectal cancer, based on family history, could help in their diagnosis and treatment.

New model more accurately classifies breast cancer risk

Histologic features of biopsied breast tissue from benign findings along with demographic data to more accurately determine risk.

Survival rates lower among African Americans with colon cancer

African Americans with colon cancer have lower survival rates compared with white patients.

Moderate alcohol consumption associated with decreased risk of heart failure

Drinking up to seven alcoholic drinks per week is associated with 20% decreased risk for developing heart failure in men.

HPV vaccination often administered at less beneficial age

Researchers note that CDC recommends vaccination at age 11 or 12, but only half of girls receiving the vaccination get it at the proper age.

European researchers explore using patient-reported outcome tool to monitor radiotherapy side effects

Researchers have developed a tool to monitor the effects, including fatigue and inflammation, commonly associated with the radiotherapy used to treat lung cancer.

Nutrition intervention leads to dietary behavior changes in Latina breast cancer survivors

An intervention aimed at an under-represented group of Latina breast cancer survivors helped encourage better eating habits and nutrition.

Novel tool predicts postoperative liver cancer recurrence after transplant

The risk of disease recurrence in liver cancer patients who have undergone a liver transplant can now be more accurately calculated, thanks to new tool.

No evidence to support use of vitamin C supplementation in cancer

No high-quality evidence to support the use of ascorbate (vitamin C) supplementation to enhance cancer treatment.

Among colorectal cancer survivors, physical activity positively associated with quality of life

Physical activity and health-related quality of life in colorectal cancer who have survived over 2 years since diagnosis.

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