ASH 2011 Conference Coverage

Aspirin Use May Lower Breast Cancer Risk in Women with Diabetes

Regular aspirin use is associated with a lower risk of breast cancer among women with diabetes, a recent study from Taiwan has shown.

Ethnic Differences, Cultural Barriers Negatively Impact Mammography Follow-up Among Asian Ethnic Groups

Follow-up after abnormal results on mammography is more likely to be delayed among Asian American women compared with white women, and varies between different Asian ethnicities.

Study Questions Safety of E-cigarettes vs Regular Tobacco Cigarettes

E-cigarettes used with nicotine-based liquid have the same potential to produce cancer-causing DNA damage as unfiltered regular cigarettes.

Changes in Pulmonary Function Tests in Breast Carcinoma Patients Treated With Locoregional Post-mastectomy Radiotherapy: Results of a Pilot Study

[Breast Cancer: Targets and Therapy] The goal of this research was to evaluate the acute changes in PFTs in breast carcinoma patients who received adjuvant chemotherapy and were treated with PMRT including SC regions.

Increases in Liver Cancer Incidence Influenced by Higher Rates of Comorbidities

A new report from ACS describes trends in liver cancer and the factors influencing the ongoing increase in incidence, particularly higher rates of HCV infection, obesity, and type 2 diabetes.

QOL, Adverse Effects Better With Capecitabine After Adjuvant Epirubicin for Breast Cancer

Women with breast cancer who received capecitabine after adjuvant epirubicin had better quality of life (QOL) compared with those who received CMF after adjuvant therapy.

Clinical Trials May Benefit Oncology Patients

Research on the effects of research demonstrated that oncology-related clinical trials provide measurable benefits in terms

Sharp Increase in Opioid-Related Hospitalizations for Women

U.S. cases of opioid-related hospitalizations rose 75 percent for females versus 55 percent for males over a decade, researchers say

Taxane-based Chemotherapy May Diminish Balance, Gait in Breast Cancer Survivors

Breast cancer survivors who received taxane-based chemotherapy for their disease are at increased risk for falls due to CIPN and treatment-associated effects on balance and gait.

Doxorubicin Efficacy Improved, Cardiotoxicity Reduced With Adjuvant Fidarest for Colon Cancer

The AR inhibitor fidarestat is effective as adjuvant therapy to enhance doxorubicin sensitivity of colorectal cancer cells and to reduce cardiotoxicity associated with the drug.

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