ASH 2011 Conference Coverage

Research promising for reducing risk of breast cancer spreading to the brain

New research seeks to better understand why breast cancer spreads to the brain, with the goal of developing a way to reduce the risk of this phenomenon.

Biopsies with DCIS diagnosis increase for women undergoing mammography

Biopsy frequency went up after diagnostic, but not screening, mammographies.

Fear of cancer may have unwanted effect on public screening uptake

People who worry about developing cancer are more likely to want to undergo screening for colon cancer.

PDE-5 inhibitors increase risk of biochemical recurrence after radical prostatectomy

Taking phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors following radical prostatectomy is associated with an elevated risk of recurrence.

New minimally invasive device may soon replace endoscopy for Barrett's esophagus diagnosis

A new minimally invasive test can be used to identify patients with reflux symptoms to diagnose Barrett's esophagus.

Many breast cancer patients lack basic knowledge about their disease

Many women with breast cancer lack basic knowledge about their disease, and the problem is more pronounced among minority women.

Children of melanoma survivors need better sun protection

A recent, groundbreaking new study found that children of melanoma survivors are not adhering to sun protection recommendations.

Cancer biopsies found not to promote cancer spread

A recent study may dispel the myth that cancer biopsies have a role in the spreading of cancer in the body.

Effectiveness of nanoparticle drugs was hindered by tumor microenvironment in triple-negative breast cancer

Nanoparticle drugs were considered to be a potential silver bullet against cancer, but they have not produced the anticipated improvement in overall survival rates.

Cancer diagnoses diminishes adherence to diabetes medications

Patients with diabetes become less adherent to their antihyperglycemic medications after receiving a cancer diagnosis.

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