ASH 2011 Conference Coverage

Fifteen new breast cancer genetic risk 'hot-spots' revealed

Researchers compared tiny variations in the genetic make-up of more than 120,000 women of European ancestry, with and without breast cancer, and identified 15 new genetic variations linked to a higher risk of the disease.

High fitness level may decrease risk of colorectal, lung cancers

Men with a high fitness level in midlife may have a lower risk for developing colorectal and lung cancer.

Discontinuing statin therapy safe, beneficial for patients with terminal illness

It is acceptable for patients with cancer and other life-limiting illness to discontinue statin medications.

Affect of chemotherapy on saliva test results

Do cancer treatments alter alleles affecting saliva, thus rendering a Genecept Assay null and void?

Childhood leukemia study reveals disease subtypes and new treatment options

Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) has been found to have two distinct subtypes, and evidence indicates that roughly 13% of ALL cases may be successfully treated with targeted drugs used in the treatment of lymphomas in adults.

Chemotherapy before breast cancer surgery increases likelihood of breast-preserving procedure

Patients with larger malignant tumors of the breast who undergo chemotherapy before breast cancer surgery are more likely to opt for a breast-preserving procedure, according to a new study.

Repeated courses of certain antibiotics associated with increased diabetes risk

Repeated use of antibiotics may increase people's risk of developing type 2 diabetes by changing their gut flora.

Dramatic rise in high blood pressure contributes to many U.S. deaths

Deaths related to high blood pressure have sharply risen over the last 13 years.

More alcohol consumption increases risk of liver cancer, but coffee is protective

The amount of alcohol a person has to drink to risk developing liver cancer has been narrowed down.

Urine test may detect kidney cancer early

Researchers developed a noninvasive urine test that screens for kidney cancer.

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