ASH 2010 Conference Coverage

Multidisciplinary Bone Marrow Program Prepares RNs to Perform Aspirations, Biopsies

ORLANDO, FL—Registered nurses who participated in a bone marrow program maintained a 98% score when rated by pathologists for the quality of the bone marrow aspiration and biopsy samples they collected, with no reported incidences of postprocedure complications, according to a presentation at the ONS 40th Annual Congress.

Model Details Challenges of Educating Staff to Care for Both Pediatric and Adult Oncology Patients

ORLANDO, FL—When nurses verbalized a lack of comfort level in caring for pediatric patients, a model was created to address the challenges of educating staff that care for both adult and pediatric patients, a study reported at the ONS 40th Annual Congress.

Oncology-Specific, One-Day Orientation Program Encourages Multidisciplinary Collaboration

ORLANDO, FL—An oncology-specific, one-day orientation program has the potential to affect current practice positively by increasing staff knowledge of clinical resources and patient care services available to oncology patients, a report at the ONS 40th Annual Congress has found.

Educational Walk Through A Colon Promotes Colorectal Cancer Screening

ORLANDO, FL—A walk-through colon is creating the buzz needed to help a hospital in Tippecanoe County, Indiana, achieve its goal of having 80% of the population screened for colon cancer by 2018, according to a presentation at the ONS 40th Annual Congress.

Gastrointestinal Oncology Nurse Navigation Improves Patient Outcomes

ORLANDO, FL—Gastrointestinal oncology nurse navigation improved the timeliness and quality of care for patients with GI malignancies, according to research presented at the ONS 40th Annual Congress.

Proactive Telephone Support Reduces Unplanned Hospitalizations Among Patients with Blood Cancers

ORLANDO, FL—Implementing proactive telephone support reduced unplanned hospitalizations among patients with blood cancers by 70%, saving an estimated $495,000 per year in health care costs, according to study results presented at the ONS 40th Annual Congress has found.

Forum Facilitates Professional Caregiver Discussion of Emotional Issues in Caring for Cancer Patients

ORLANDO, FL—Schwartz Center Rounds, a forum where health care professionals can discuss social and emotional issues that arise when caring for patients with cancer and their families, have had strong turnouts and garnered positive evaluations from participants, according to a presentation at the ONS 40th Annual Congress.

Kaizen Huddle Board Use Enhances Patient Care, Reduces Process Waste in Ambulatory Cancer Center

ORLANDO, FL—Employing the kaizen lean methodology of daily huddles and huddle boards in ambulatory oncology over 10 months has led to improved patient care, a study presented at the ONS 40th Annual Congress concluded.

Symptoms of Poor Sleep May Suggest Potential Sleep Disorders in Survivors of Breast Cancer

ORLANDO, FL—A large percentage of survivors of breast cancer with sleep complaints have symptoms suggesting underlying sleep disorders that require referral to a sleep medicine specialist for further evaluation and treatment, according to preliminary study evidence presented at the ONS 40th Annual Congress.

Workgroup Increases Availability of Intimacy, Sexuality Resources for Oncology Outpatients

ORLANDO, FL—The nurse-led interdisciplinary Workgroup on Intimacy, Sexuality, and Cancer at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA) has greatly improved education and access to resources for both patients and providers in an outpatient oncology setting, according to a report on its program presented at the ONS 40th Annual Congress.

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