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The Integration of Cannabis in Oncologic Care

Despite recent new legislation, medical marijuana as an adjunct to palliative and end-of-life care remains controversial. But a greater acceptance within both the medical community and the lay public is prompting research on how it can be integrated into standard care.

CTCs Promising as Biomarker to Identify Lung Cancer Recurrence

Prospective pilot study demonstrates accuracy of circulating tumor cells as a biomarker indicating lung cancer recurrence.

Hypofractionated RT, Conventional RT Comparable in Intermediate-Risk Prostate Cancer

Hypofractionated regimen of precision radiotherapy was not inferior to conventional RT in patients with intermediate-risk prostate cancer.

Social Functioning Scores for Young Cancer Survivors Remain Lower Than Their Peers

AYAs continue to report lower social functioning scores than their peers 2 years after diagnosis.

Mortality Rates Highest Among Youngest Oncology Patients, Particularly Minorities

Cancer deaths within 1 month of diagnosis occur most often in patients younger than 1 years, especially among Blacks and Hispanics.

Survey Reveals Research Priorities for Cancer Patients, Oncology Nurses

Palliative care and end-of-life care are top research priorities for oncology patients and nurses.

Smoking Increases Long-Term Risks From Radiotherapy in Breast Cancer

Risk associated with radiotherapy for breast cancer is substantially reduced with smoking cessation

Free Lung Cancer Screening Findings Support Continual Screenings in High-Risk Populations

A free lung cancer screening program in Augusta, Georgia, found more than double the lung cancer rate of previous screenings.

Parental Self-persuasion in Low-Income Groups Improves HPV Vaccination Rates

Self-persuasion is more effective than external persuasion for motivating low-income parents to vaccinate their children against HPV.

Greaster Risk of Adverse Birth Outcomes for Young Cancer Survivors

Increased risks among live births for adolescent and young adult cancer survivors

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