ASH 2010 Conference Coverage

Spontaneous Tumor Lysis Syndrome in Recently Diagnosed Small Cell Lung Cancer

This case demonstrates that, although rare, spontaneous TLS can occur even in the absence of chemotherapy, and a high index of suspicion for the effect should be maintained when patients with malignancies demonstrate the classic symptom of laboratory abnormalities.

Lorazepam Plus Haloperidol Improves Agitation in Cancer-Related Delirium

A double-blind study compared the effectiveness of lorazepam plus haloperidol with haloperidol alone in reducing agitation in patients with advanced cancer.

Cost of Care Significantly Increased With Carcinoid Syndrome in NETs

Development of carcinoid syndrome has a profound effect on cost of care for patients with neuroendocrine tumors (NETs).

Treating Intractable Hiccups in Advanced Cancer, Palliative Care Setting

Intractable hiccups can be especially problematic in the advanced cancer and palliative care settings. Dr Thompson, an oncology pharmacist, reviews options for effective medical management of this condition.

Severe Mental Illness May Worsen Breast Cancer Survival Outcomes

Retrospective analysis of data from more than 19,000 women revealed that all-cause mortality rates are higher in women with breast cancer who have a prior diagnosis of a mental illness.

Imaging Management of Breast Density, a Controversial Risk Factor for Breast Cancer

[Cancer Control] This research reviews the evidence regarding breast density as a risk factor for the development of breast cancer and presents a management strategy for screening women with dense breasts.

Efficacy of Octreotide LAR, Lanreotide in Management of Carcinoid Tumors

Benefits of long-acting, repeatable octreotide and lanreotide in neuroendocrine tumors, formerly known as carcinoid tumors, are similar.

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