Placebo Use in Clinical Trials

Patients may have fears about enrolling in a clinical trial and potentially not receiving treatment.

Abbreviated Explanations and Patient Communication

How often do we truly understand the loss of control our patients experience?

Biggest Challenges Faced by Oncology Nurses

Please answer our one-question poll!

Skin Cancer Risk and Polyunsaturated Fat ...

Researchers examined the association between fat intake and skin cancer.

USPSTF Updates PSA Screening Guidelines

new guidelines issued by the USPSTF address PSA screening in older men.

Let Us Answer Your Oncology Question

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Oncology Nursing

The Caregivers’ Cancer Journey

This installment demonstrates how the caregiver's cancer journey often parallels that of the patient with cancer, highlighting their need for evolving support through survivorship.

Side-Effect Management

Staff Education Increases Oncology Rehabilitation Referrals

Educational intervention for oncology clinicians at a rural Michigan oncology clinic does not demonstrate a statistically significant increase in referrals to rehabilitation; however, results show a clinically significant improvement in identification of need, communication among staff, and potential for greater referrals.

Advisor Forum

Patient Fears of Placebo Use in Clinical Trials

Patient Fears of Placebo Use in Clinical Trials

What should be explained to patients regarding placebo use in controlled trials?

Drug Classification of Trastuzumab

Drug Classification of Trastuzumab

Is trastuzumab classified as an immunotherapy? If so, how does it work?

Capecitabine Tolerance of EU vs US Patients

Capecitabine Tolerance of EU vs US Patients

Why are European patients better able to tolerate high doses of capecitabine than US patients?

Fact Sheets

Oral Contraceptives and Cancer Risk (Fact Sheet)

Oral Contraceptives and Cancer Risk (Fact Sheet)

This fact sheet examines the possible cancer risks and also possible protective benefits associated with the use of oral contraceptives.

Cancer in Children and Adolescents (Fact Sheet)

Cancer in Children and Adolescents (Fact Sheet)

This fact sheet reviews cancer in adolescents and children, including possible causes, treatment, and the general outlook for childhood cancers.

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