Managing Side Effects in Kinase Inhibitors

A summary of adverse reactions associated with kinase inhibitors.

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New CRC Screening Option

A new colorectal cancer screening option gives nurses a timely reason to engage with patients.

Managing Checkpoint Inhibitors Side Effects

How should the adverse effects associated with these drugs be managed?

Calcium and Cancer Prevention

What role, if any, does calcium have in cancer prevention?

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Administering Mannitol With Hydration and Premeds

Does the timing of cisplatin administration matter?

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Bone Metastases Are Impacting More Patients

Bone complications can devastate patients who are already dealing with cancer.


Oncology Nursing

The Bounty of Failure

How long were you a nurse before you felt competent? Reflections on creating an atmosphere of learning and growing from our own mistakes.


Pseudohyperkalemia: When Too Much Isn’t Really Too Much

The patient's history and current blood work results indicated a dangerously high potassium level. But a meticulously handled redraw proved it false.

Advisor Forum

Understanding Biosimilar Drugs

Understanding Biosimilar Drugs

There is a lot of talk about biosimilar drugs. What makes a drug a biosimilar?

GERD Medications May Affect Absorption of Oral Chemotherapeutic Agents

GERD Medications May Affect Absorption of Oral Chemotherapeutic Agents

What is the interaction between oral chemotherapy and GERD medicines?

Managing IRAEs in Patients Receiving Checkpoint Inhibitors

Managing IRAEs in Patients Receiving Checkpoint Inhibitors

How should side effects of the new checkpoint inhibitor drugs be managed?


Fact Sheets

Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (Fact Sheet)

Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (Fact Sheet)

This fact sheet reviews the incidence and survival statistics of chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

Calcium and Cancer Prevention (Fact Sheet)

Calcium and Cancer Prevention (Fact Sheet)

This fact sheets examines the sources of dietary calcium and possible links to cancer prevention.

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