Epigenetic therapy clinically active against several blood cancers

Patients with a variety of hematologic cancers benefited from treatment with OTX015, a member of a new class of investigational epigenetic therapies.

MPR Fact Pack

Learn more about the pathogenesis, diagnosis and clinical decision making for myelofibrosis.

EDU-1137 03/14

3D MRI predicts survival after chemotherapy for liver tumors

In a series of studies, researchers used specialized three-dimensional MRI scans to precisely measure whether highly toxic chemotherapy was working.

Cutting Edge 2014

Are you on the Cutting Edge? Join our Oncology Quest contest! Read about new oncology developments and earn a chance to win a Pebble smartwatch!

Nail care for patients undergoing chemotherapy

Are there any evidence-based practices for managing changes to nails during chemotherapy?

NCONN 2014 Annual Meeting

Help shape the first ever ONN certificate program by participating in a pilot held during NCONN’s 5th Annual Conference, June 12-14, 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Mindfulness-based meditation may help teenagers cope with cancer

Meditation could lessen some symptoms associated with cancer in teens, including depression and sleep quality in girls, according to research.



Nursing considerations for hemipelvectomy: Evidence-based practice

A complex, interdisciplinary approach is needed to appropriately address the physical changes and emotional impact that patients undergoing hemipelvectomy will face postoperatively.


Latest News

New drug shows promise in early studies for metastatic breast cancer

The new oral drug LY2835219, an inhibitor of cyclin-dependent kinases 4 and 6, showed early promise as monotherapy for patients with metastatic breast cancer.

Early promise against melanoma from new antibody-drug conjugate

The investigational drug DEDN6525A, a new antibody-drug conjugate, was safe, tolerable, and showed hints of activity against three forms of melanoma: cutaneous, mucosal, and ocular.

Aging is sped up in breast cancer survivors who underwent adjuvant chemotherapy

Adjuvant chemotherapy for breast cancer is gerontogenic, defined as accelerating the pace of physiologic aging, a new study reported.

Chronic prostate inflammation associated with prostate cancer

The presence of chronic inflammation in benign prostate tissue samples is associated with prostate cancer, especially high-grade disease, according to a study.

Statins may lower progression risk for renal cancer

Use of statins is associated with a reduced risk of progression of localized renal cell carcinoma, according to research.

Cyramza approved by FDA for stomach cancer

Cyramza (ramucirumab) has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to treat cancer of the stomach.

Fact Sheets

Smokeless Tobacco and Cancer (Fact Sheet)

Smokeless Tobacco and Cancer (Fact Sheet)

This fact sheet examines the cancer risks associated with smokeless tobacco products.

Obesity and Cancer Risk (Fact Sheet)

Obesity and Cancer Risk (Fact Sheet)

This fact sheet examines the association between obesity and increased risks of cancers.

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